Monday, April 03, 2017

Sex Slavery in Detroit: Doing the Job that Americans Won't Do?


The "Dragon Lady," Janette Tawfik

By Reader-Researcher RC

"Detroit — The sex slaves called her “The Dragon Lady” of Victory Inn, a violent, gun-toting motel manager who federal prosecutors say helped run a drug and sex-trafficking ring."

Feds: ‘Dragon Lady’ helped run Victory Inn brothel

Judge denies bond for Macomb Township woman, dubbed “The Dragon Lady,” by Victory Inn sex-trafficking victims

RC: Doing the job that Americans won't do?


Anonymous said...

One motel down,many other Detroit area motels to go.In Grand Rapids,there are motels on 28th st that are well known hooker/drug dealing hangouts.Criminals released from prison are put up there in a halfway house situation,paid for by the state,as I understand it.
No family,except the Griswolds from "National Lampoon's Vacation" would wander to these motels for a nights stay.
The cops could bust these places anytime they want.I wonder what made them finally take action at the Victory Inn.
Unless more prisons are built,all these crimes will continue to be overlooked.
Trump?Any thoughts?
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Drugs and prostitution combined. NO gambling as did Al Capone. Close but not quite. Look at the arrest pictures of the negro devils? Kill you in a second without even the slightest hesitation. The woman had a gun as it was "a bad neighborhood". Almost all of Detroit is a "bad neighborhood".