Sunday, April 02, 2017

People Magazine Speaks with Forked Tongue About DC Rape-Murder of Tricia McCauley


War crime victim Tricia McCauley

War crime suspect Adrian Duane Johnson

By Nicholas Stix

The speaker on the video asserts of rape-murder suspect Adrian Duane Johnson, 29,
Johnson has a list of prior arrests for theft and other non-violent crimes.
But the text tells a different story. In the 11th of 13 paragraphs, after the video, photographs of victim and suspect, respectively, and a People promotion,
Immediately after his arrest, questions were raised over why Johnson — who has a lengthy arrest history, including for theft and assault — was allowed to be walking free.
The next paragraph underscores the point:
Days before McCauley’s slaying, a local judge ordered him to begin wearing a GPS monitor after being arrested for theft on Dec. 17 at a CVS store. But he was reportedly not wearing the monitor at the time of his arrest. [“Missing Step Up Actress' Murder Suspect Bizarrely Claims She Killed Herself After They Had Sex,” by Johnny Dodd, People, December 30, 2016.]
People’s editors are banking on most readers having given up on the article before they get to the above-quoted passages.

While typing this item, I had a feeling of deja vu, because I have criticized other media outlets over the years for the identical form of deceit.

Only dangerous, violent criminals are ordered to wear GPS monitors. The monitors have themselves proven worthless, as black thugs either remove them, disable them, or commit murders while wearing them.

Why do I emphasize black thugs? In every single case I know of, where a defendant charged with a violent felony was ordered to wear a GPS monitor, and later was charged with murder, the alleged killer was black.

Equally important is that the whole notion of permitting defendants charged with violent crimes to stay out of jail, while wearing a GPS monitor, is a black thing. The ‘Society for the Protection of Colored Criminals’ (my coinage) has for years lied, asserting that black cut-throats were somehow being “racially profiled,” and has demanded and gotten all sensible practices for the protection of civilized people abolished, where black defendants are concerned. And so, we have preventable rapes and murders of people like Trisha McCauley.

But not to worry. The authorities will simply offset the crimes by “disappearing” yet more crimes in a sea of fakestats, even to the point of disappearing murders.


Anonymous said...

So we're supposed to believe,this very attractive woman,would volunteer to have sex with that black individual.
It's obvious now,that a previously unknown brain eating virus has broken out among the MSM--and it's reached epidemic proportions.Something needs to be done by the CDC to investigate and get this under control.Is it a new aggressive form of syphillis that metastasizes in the brain,in months,instead of years?
Or some new contagion we are not being told about?The large scale insanity by MSM,is certainly suggestive of the late stages of syphillis,but I'm open to other possibilities as an explanation for this bizarre behavior:
1.Covering up/Excusing/Condoning black crime.
2.Blaming whites for the country's(and minorities) problems.
3.Ripping Trump on an unheard of scale.
There HAS to be a reasonable explanation for this...I'll go for the contagion excuse right now.(Trump may need to order a mass quarantine of MSM reporters,until we get to the bottom of this--just to be on the safe side.)
A suggestion from a concerned citizen in Grand Rapids,Michigan.

---GR Anonymous

David In TN said...

Johnson pleaded guilty a few days ago and was sentenced to "30 years." What press reports don't say is he'll be out in less than half that time.

Vdare has a blog post on the denouement.