Sunday, April 09, 2017

England: Modern-Day, Irish Slaver Gets Killed Chasing Her Dog Across the Highway


An old picture of slaver Patricia Connors, taken perhaps in Hawaii

By Reader-Researcher RC

Great-grandmother, 66, killed chasing her dog across the M4 was matriarch of millionaire gipsy family who kept homeless drug addicts as slaves R

Surveillance footage of Irish travellers running a modern ...

Great-grandmother Patricia Connors (pictured), who was run over and killed on the M4 after chasing her dog has been revealed as a member of the gipsy clan who ...

N.S.: I’ve worked for less. I once worked over eight hours, picking out glass shards in a saloon parking lot, for a hamburger and coke. Not even any fries.

Thomas Sowell once advised the unemployed to offer their labor for free, in the hopes that a businessman will then hire them for pay. I love Sowell, but he couldn’t have been more wrong about that. Most businessmen have no honor, and will exploit workers to the hilt, if they can.

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Anonymous said...

She died a dogs death. How so very appropriate.