Sunday, March 05, 2017

Imagine Getting Paid Millions of Dollars, Just for Reading and Regurgitating the New York Times

By Nicholas Stix

At 8:09 a.m. today, CBS 2 News Sunday (that’s how my TV remote identifies it) had a quick “report” by John Dickerson, the host of Face the Nation. Dickerson spoke of “unsubstantiated charges” by President Trump that the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” (the latter my phrasing, not his) had wiretapped him.

Dickerson wasn’t reporting, he was just parroting what he’d read in a New York Times reportorial. He should have said, “As I read in the New York Times…,” “According to the New York Times,” or still better, “As the New York Times asserted in a reportorial,” but instead he faked having done research, and tried to con viewers into thinking he was reporting facts, rather than opinion. And for this, the guy gets paid millions of dollars per year!

For at least 13 years, the MSM have parroted statements by “Barack Obama,” without making it sound as if he were a liar, even though he was the worst liar in the history of the American presidency.

But John Dickerson has qualifications: He has the right leftwing politics, and his mother, Nancy Dickerson Whitehead, was rich, and was CBS News’ first feminist operative. So there!


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced,it's who you know AND who you blo...(in MSM).
He's just one of many.I really can't tell the 3 main networks apart anymore.They've successfully morphed into the same liberal organism on "news" "entertainment" and general hiring practices.I'm convinced,Dickerson,and every white on air,must throw the liberal spiel out to the public or be fired and replaced by a black,Asian or Mexican.Even if Dickerson was less obvious about his politics,the pressure to show his allegiance to the Democratic party,would force him to come out of the "political closet".By all rights,we SHOULD NOT know who these reporters and journalists sympathize with.But you can observe for less than 10 seconds to figure it out.
Now the late night talk shows have all joined forces against Trump.Not one dishes it out to say,Pelosi,Reid,Obama,Franken.Did the media ever attack Biden like they do Trump?He deserved it,but was untouched.
Kimmel is the last to cave in.Fallon does the anti-Trump stuff more than ever.If you watch any of it,all you see is a Trump Roast every night.
If it was funny,is one thing,but what they present on their shows is only hate mongering with comedy lipstick painted on.If FOX was smart,they'd put on a late night host who was "fair and balanced".They might have a ratings gangbuster on their hands.

Nicholas said...

Jay Leno used to make sure to make jokes at both parties' expense. But Leno loves America.

Anonymous said...

Agree...and Carson as well.Letterman got more political toward the very end,but nothing compared to what we see now.