Sunday, May 01, 2016

Police Make Arrest in Black-on-White Murder in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Update)

By Reader-Researcher Grand Rapids Anonymous (12:18 a.m.)

A little more information: Police say they've arrested someone at a Mel Trotter Mission in connection to the murder of a woman this morning.

A gun was recovered, though no cause of death has been released. The mission is not far away from the crime scene in downtown Grand Rapids.

More tomorrow (Sunday) morning.

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Anonymous said...

Police still not releasing ANY information on the arrest late yesterday.In fact,police have retracted the statement they made that the Mel Trotter arrest had anything to do with the crime at all.They haven't ID'ed the deceased woman yet.The woman,in MY opinion,was either leaving a bar after last call or because of the difficulty in identifying her,may be a prostitute(lots of those in GR).We'll see what tomorrow brings for further info on this case.
--GR Anonymous