Saturday, January 12, 2013

Larry Auster Has Very Bad and Very Good News to Report

By Nicholas Stix

The bad news: His guts are bunched up, refusing to let him do what comes naturally.

The good news: It ain’t the cancer, which has not spread!

Tens of thousands of people wait with baited bated breath to hear of Larry’s next bowel movement. Usually, only the intestinal production of ailing movie stars and heads of state gets such attention.

In the meantime, Larry, let us make merry, with the music of Maurice Jarre, to Is Paris Burning?

The Gerries love the City of Light so, that legend has it that Hitler’s generals lied to the Führer himself when he asked if they had burned it down (hence the title of the book and this movie), in the face of the Allied advance, and the phrase that expresses the ultimate in joie de vivre is to live “wie Gott in Paris” (“like God in Paris”).

Jarre, who left us in 2009, communicated such a love of the city in his score, it was as if he were himself a German!

A 21-croissant salute to LockAndLoadp.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

Catholic souls, your racialist tricks are lacking.

Reg Cæsar said...

To be precise, we're bating our breath. But yes, his enemies may indeed be baiting theirs.