Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Elmont Memorial High School is on Lockdown, as NBC News Reader Darlene Rodriguez Fights Meltdown

By Nicholas Stix

On NBC’s local news during the Today Show about six minutes ago, Darlene Pomales Rodriguez just informed the public that (in Nassau County) Elmont Memorial High School is on lockdown. Rodriguez reported that “a person” had observed a student entering the school “with a backpack.”

But Rodriguez’ demeanor told a very different story. She had tears in her eyes, and her voice broke more than once.

Only a hysterical person would call 911 and have a school put in lockdown just because of “a student with a backpack.” If this is a legitimate lockdown, the caller had to have known much more than she (Rodriguez used the plural “they” to describe an individual) said.

So, was Rodriguez overcome with emotion because she knew something she wasn’t saying, or due to a coincidental personal problem? She has previously had public personal crises, most notably when her policeman husband was falsely accused of rape, without losing her cool on the air, so unless a family member just died, I have to suspect that she knows something bad about this Elmont situation that she isn’t saying.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she just knows someone in the school,student or faculty, and she's nervous.

Anonymous said...

Why would you make this about Darlene? My wife is a teacher in that school right now huddled in a corner with her students. STAY FOCUSED on the real issue! WE AS FAMILY memebers are frantic just thinking about what could happen!!!

Nicholas said...

Anonymous II,

You're drawing a false dichotomy. It was Darlene Rodriguez' demeanor that drew me to this story, in the first place.

Anonymous said...

much ado about nothing. Rodriguez is a drama queen. This is a teachable moment though. The general public needs to be made aware that real guns aren't usually lime green and yellow with the word Nerf printed on the side.