Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coleman Blames “Bad Guys,” Begs for Leniency

Carjacking-kidnapping-robbery-beating-gang-rape-torture-murder victims, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Monstrously racist hate criminal Vanessa Coleman at her sentencing hearing after her first conviction, on May 13, 2010

By David in TN

[See: “The Knoxville Horror: The Crime and the Cover-Up.”]

The sentencing hearing for Vanessa Coleman after being convicted in her November retrial is set for Friday, February 1.

According to a pre-sentence investigative report by a State Probation Officer, Vanessa Coleman claims to have “beat the blues, kicked the drugs, cooled that temper and recognized the siren’s call of bad boys.”

The probation report is supposed to influence Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood, in determining the sentence for Coleman.

After her first trial, Coleman was sentenced to 53 years by stacking the sentences consecutively. The Jackson jury in her second trial found her not guilty on some lesser charges. She was convicted of 13 of 17 charges, including the main counts of facilitation of the rape and murder of Channon Christian.

Her attorneys are asking for leniency of about 20 years, with parole possible sooner. The prosecution is pushing for the maximum of nearly 50 years.

Vanessa Coleman claims to have seen the light and benifited from prison programs. Had she taken advantage of any one of several chances to open a door, Channon Christian would be alive today.

N.S.: Vanessa Coleman has never shown any remorse for what she did to Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Even in the pre-sentencing investigative report, the second time she has been convicted, her narcissism shows through. It’s all about her needs and feelings.

But she’s always been much worse than a narcissist.

In an early court hearing, in which her boyfriend-crime partner Letalvis Cobbins was also present, Coleman told Cobbins, “I love you,” as he passed her.

At Coleman’s original sentencing hearing, she smirked, and winked and waved at friends, relatives, and supporters in the courtroom.

People who have followed Coleman closely, and seen her in court, have told me that they are convinced that she was an active participant in the torture, rapes, and murders of Christian and Newsom. Whether or not that is the case, having read the transcripts of Coleman’s police interrogation, I know that her description of the situation was not only unbelievable (she claimed that through all of the torture, Channon Christian was never gagged, yet never screamed or cried out), but inhuman. Coleman would blithely talk of getting up in the morning, after the night of terror visited on the victims, including the gang-rape, torture and murder of Christopher Newsom, and cooking a hearty breakfast for her crime partners and herself. She described Christian, after a night and a day of rapes, beatings, and torture, just before Lemaricus Davidson would stuff her in a garbage can, where she would slowly asphyxiate, merely as wearing only a shirt.

The woman was so bloody and disfigured from head to toe that the Medical Examiners’ photographs of her body caused a female member of the prosecution team to faint in court, and strong men to weep openly, and avert their eyes from the worst.

And the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Coleman’s monstrously racist father, Greg, has depicted his daughter as a victim, just like Channon Christian, and sought to hang the murders on a white female, Daphne Sutton, who had had nothing to do with them.


Anonymous said...

I have seldom met anything more vicious than a black female.

Full Auto said...

Every one of those sick savages deserved the death penalty. White women also need to learn that black men only see them as sexual objects to be used for their own gratification.

I once knew a white woman who had married a black man. Several years into their marriage he was involved in a car wreck with severe injuries. On his death bed he called out with passion for his first black wife. He never mentioned the current white one at all. The white woman was just devastated by this. What an idiot she was!