Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Price of Real Journalism

Why VDARE.COM Needs Your Help
By Nicholas Stix

(This is another previous fundraising appeal I made, back in 2005.)

In this holiday season, you are being deluged by scam artists seeking to fleece you for what they claim are “charities.” Have you gotten your yearly call, for instance, from the guy who claims to be collecting donations to give to the widows and orphans of policemen murdered in the line of duty? Ha! The guy on the phone is a low-paid flunky; over 90 percent of the money you donate goes to his boss, who is a crook and a creep who should be hunted down by real policemen and put out of business. (Our state and federal legislators are so busy passing pork barrel legislation that it has not occurred to them to pass laws criminalizing phony charities. And so, crooks like the above-mentioned type continue to fleece the big-hearted.)

But one legitimate, truly worthy organization that desperately needs your support is VDARE. This Web site, founded six years ago by the brilliant social critic, Peter Brimelow (author of, among other works, Alien Nation on immigration and The Worm in the Apple on the teachers' unions), is the site par excellence for news, analysis, and commentary on immigration into these United States. And it ain't too shabby on race, either.

Why should you support VDARE? Glad you asked. For several years, VDARE was alone among major Web sites in banging the drum for immigration restriction. And it is still the best source for information on the attempt by President Bush and America's elites of the Right and the Left, to smuggle into law a stealth amnesty (aka “guest worker plan”). And it is the best source for information about the immigration bureaucracy and the many de facto amnesty programs already in existence.

VDARE is also one of the only sites on the Internet whose publisher actually pays his writers. And one of those writers is yours truly. So, if you think that my work is deserving of support, please hit this link to give to VDARE. Thanks in advance.

One of the reasons why most of the material you read on the Internet is so godawful is that almost no one pays for material. And so, the typical Web “pundit” sits down in front of his pc and pounds out his “insights” in about ten minutes – even less, if he's a fast typist. And who needs spell-check? (That begs the question: Why is most of the material one reads in newspapers and magazines that pay writers so bad?)

But work that demands to be read takes time to research and write. Hours, days, weeks, even months. It takes Web searches; it requires buying and poring over sometimes expensive, out-of-print books; sometimes it takes costly Lexis-Nexis searches and archived newspaper and journal articles; and it may take calls to lawyers, flacks, politicians and victims.

Very few people can afford to devote that sort of time and money to writing, and those who are independently wealthy generally demand, and get payment. (They're the ones writing the drivel published in newspapers and magazines.) And very few “professional writers” are willing to buck the conventional wisdom, Left or Right. Thus are we saddled with the likes of Tamar Jacoby and Jonah Goldberg from the Republican side, and Ellen Goodman and Frank Rich from the socialist side. None of the aforementioned writers will give you the truth about ... anything. Jacoby, in particular, has been lying about immigration and the possibility of immigration enforcement for years, in order to prevent Americans from doing anything to reassert American sovereignty and American law. Her goal in life is apparently to ensure that every upper-middle-class American family's “civil right” to illegal immigrant nannies, gardeners, and cooks; and every American corporation's “right” to low-wage Indian computer programmers remains inviolate.

Some formerly orthodox neoconservative writers, such as Heather MacDonald, have in recent years come around to understand that illegal immigration is destroying America, but they might never have, had it not been for VDARE alone banging the drum for immigration restriction, lo these many years.

Peter Brimelow has published two [in the meantime, up to 21] of my articles since May 2004, and they were two of my most important exposés on policing and multiculturalism (“'Disappearing' Urban Crime” and “Diversity is Strength! It's Also ... Police Corruption”). [Of my more recent work for VDARE, see: “The Knoxville Horror: Crime, Race, The Media, and ‘Anti-Racism’”, “The Incredible Disappearing Duke Rape Hoax,” my exposés on The Federal Hate Crimes Bill, Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau, and reports on the Anne Pressly Murder, The Pearcy Massacre, The Winchester Atrocity (here and here) and minority jury nullification. And in the blog section, letters from The Heretical 2 and a report on the Jeremiah Munsen case.]

In his current fundraising appeal, Brimelow writes, “help feed starving young writers in fiscal 2005!”

“It is amazing how little money it takes to get young people to take this risk—not a risk at all, really, but certain professional suicide, unless we can build VDARE.COM up as an alternative institution fast enough.” [How nice to be referred to as “young” – that hasn't happened in years!]

“At various times this year, I’ve had to go slow paying writers—and also to turn aside the many new writers who want to appear on VDARE.COM. It’s deeply distressing, because just a little money means so much to them—and to their country.

“Tonight, we post Tom Piatak’s summary of the War against Christmas, Michelle Malkin, plus, of course, the blog.

“Scroll down to the end, past Ms. Bevens’ picture—and when you pass the donate link, remember my starving young writers.”

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