Sunday, April 11, 2010

Help Save the Patriotic Immigration Reform Movement!

By Nicholas Stix

To make a long story short, VDARE needs your help. As in money!

Some or all of the leaders of the three Beltway immigration reform groups—the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), and NumbersUSA—are engaged in a doomed triangulation strategy that, if successful, will destroy the movement.

For as long as the modern immigration reform movement—which is not to be confused with the amnesty movement that uses the euphemism “immigration reform”—has existed, various groups on the Open Borders Left and Right have sought to destroy it. The groups which have worked the most aggressively to destroy the movement are the SPLC, including my good friend Mark Potok, and The Race (La Raza), both of whose ideologies combine racism and communism. The SPLC and The Race’s favorite method is to project their own racism on to any group seeking to save America, charging it with “Racism!”

Of the Beltway immigration reform groups, CIS and FAIR, instead of ignoring or going on the offensive against such attacks, have sought to triangulate by combining criticisms of the SPLC and The Race, submission to them, in terms of self-censorship and refusing to accept money from groups smeared by them, and by expressing hostility towards VDARE. CIS recently openly sucked up to The Race and the SPLC, by seeking to burnish its own “anti-racist” mala fides. As if that would help them make friends with Kool-Aid with their sworn enemies!

And one of the three aforementioned groups recently told a foundation that has long been a major supporter of VDARE, that if it did not stop donating to VDARE, that the Beltway group would refuse to take its money.

In a sane world, the foundation officer would respond to the Beltway group’s head, “You’re confused. You don’t set the parameters, I do. And since you don’t like the way we do business, we’re no longer supporting you.” But this isn’t a sane world, and so the foundation boss let his client boss him around, and he dropped VDARE.

Such behavior on the part of the Beltway immigration reform establishment is just like the behavior over the past 40-odd years, of so many suicidal, cowardly whites. They think that supporting the predations of racist blacks and Hispanics against other whites will somehow help them. But sending other whites into exile or death means that today’s white opportunists will have no one left to defend them tomorrow, when the black and Hispanic racists return for them.

And so it is, that the Beltway immigration reform establishment, if it succeeds in putting VDARE out of business, will merely hasten its own demise. If the racist/communist Left—in this case, the SPLC and The Race—succeeds, with the Beltway immigration reformers’ collaboration, at putting VDARE out of business, it will immediately set its sights on one of the three Beltway groups, and so on, until it has, again with their collaboration, destroyed all three.

As a reader wrote in response to last night's appeal, “If Vdare shuts down we all lose.”

VDARE is sponsored by the VDARE Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Please hit this link, and make a tax-deductible donation to the VDARE Foundation today.

I thank you, and your posterity will, too.

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Anonymous said...

Vdare has just been taken down. Another voice for immigration reform has been silenced -- this time by those who are supposed to be our friends.

What a bunch of cowards and wimps!