Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sadism and Race

American Renaissance’s staff posted an excerpt at its daily roundup from a Philadelphia Inquirer story, “Flash Mob Victim’s Untold Story,” about a 27-year-old white woman, who was disfigured by a laughing, racist black teenager, during one of the recent race riots, which the Inquirer and the MSM in general are misleadingly calling, “flash mobs.”

While the woman was being battered by one racist, another was battering her white boyfriend. At the time, the MSM somehow forgot to report on the black-on-white violence, which was the whole point of the “flash mobs” in Philadelphia, Kansas City, and New York.

The comments include this gem from “Nimadan”:

11 — Nimadan wrote at 7:25 PM on April 16:

“The two of them thought punching us was funny,” Kemp [the boyfriend] said. “I don’t know what was in their heads to hit two people they didn’t know.”
Every definable ethnic culture has one or two specific personality disorders associated with it. Whether the disorder is carried in their memes, or in their genes, or both is an interesting question but irrelevant. With the Irish it’s guilt and alcoholism; with the Jews, it’s hypochondria and paranoia. Other tribes have other complexes….

The characteristic personality disorder of the ethnic group formed by inner-city blacks in the US is pathological sadism. My estimate (from my younger days when I had to interact with these people) is that about half the males and about a third of the females have marked sadistic tendencies. Because so many of them have this disorder, it has (a la Durkheim)shaped their cultural norms. Inner-city blacks actually regard it as normal for adult humans to take open pleasure in inflicing pain on others. They do not see such behavior as either aberrant or repugnant.
The sadism of US blacks is above and beyond the specific prejudice they have against the Anglo-Europid population whom they regard as their hereditary enemy. Black sadism is directed against anyone unfortunate enough to be in range, usually each other. They are however delighted to focus it on foreigners (Whites, Chicanos, etc) if such are to found….

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