Sunday, April 25, 2010

Diversity is Strength: It’s Also “Suicidal” White Women (Via Lawrence Auster)

Katie Cullen, left; her killer, Iman Ghaefelipour, right.

By Nicholas Stix

Katie Cullen, 35, was an attractive, fair-skinned, slender, strawberry blond or redhead who was a diligent, competent, cardiology nurse who, according to her mother, “saw only goodness in everyone and had a generosity and selflessness that made her special.” Iman Ghaefelipour, 28, was a swarthy, Iranian illegal alien, with no discernible means of support and no discernible virtues. So, in multicultural England, they were a natural match. But when Cullen found that Ghaefelipou was secretly stealing her blind via her bank account, that was enough even for her. She broke up with him, but he talked her out of going to the police, and agreed to pay back the stolen money in installments. For those of us who fail to see “only goodness in everyone,” the rest, unfortunately—and especially unfortunately for Katie Cullen—proceeded according to script.

Cullen found a new boyfriend, and Ghaefelipour, who had been stalking her, attacked him. Ghaefelipour, of course, did not honor his agreement to repay Cullen, but instead used the agreement as a pretext to arrange a meeting at her flat, where he stabbed her 130 times.

Before reading the rest at Auster’s blog, be forewarned: I haven’t even touched on the really gory stuff.

Old, non-vibrant Rule Brittania exacted punishment, but Cool Brittania believes only in punishing law-abiding whites, and so Iman Ghaefelipour was sentenced to “a minimum of 23 years” in prison, at British taxpayers’ expense, but if you believe that sentence, I’ve got a great deal for you on London Bridge. And if current trends persist, Katie Cullen’s illegal alien killer is unlikely to be deported upon his release. Thus, he could potentially murder several more white women, before his criminal career is over—say, when he dies of natural causes in a taxpayer-funded halfway house.

Of Cullen, Auster wrote, aptly, “maybe if she had read the Mail she wouldn't have ended up in the Mail.”

The sentencing judge lectured Katie Cullen’s killer, “There was nothing in her blameless life of public service which could have predicted what happened to her at your hands.”

But there was much in the blameworthy life of Britain’s ruling elites which could have predicted what happened to Katie Cullen at Iman Ghaefelipour’s hands.

Auster also cites the British cases of Amy Leigh Barnes and Katie Piper.

Amy Leigh Barnes and her killer, Ricardo Morrison.

Katie Piper, before and after the acid attack on her.

Katie Piper's boyfriend, Danny Lynch, left, and Stefan Sylvestre, right, who carried out the acid attack on Piper, on Lynch's behalf.

Auster has previously written of the suicidal recklessness which led to the murders of American girls, Imette St. Guillen (raped and murdered by Darryl Littlejohn), Jennifer Moore (allegedly raped and murdered by Draymond Coleman) and Kirsten Brydum (murdered while bicycling in New Orleans’ virtually all-black Ninth Ward).

And then there is the case of Jessie Marie Davis and her unborn child, both of whom Davis’ boyfriend, Bobby Lee Cutts Jr., murdered.

Imette St. Guillen, left, and her killer, Darryl Littlejohn, right.

Jennifer Moore

Moore's killer, Draymond Coleman.

Kristen Brydum, whose murder remains unsolved.

Jesse Marie Davis and son Blake, 2, above, and Bobby Cutts, right, Blake's father, who killed Davis and Davis' and Cutts' unborn daughter.


Anonymous said...

Several weeks ago, Draymond Coleman made a plea deal in the murder of Jennifer Moore. This was almost four years after the murder. Coleman received a sentence of "50 years." The news account said he would come up for parole. Jennifer Morre's father was quoted in the story I saw as "satisfied."

David From TN

Nicholas said...

Thanks, David. I just amended the caption, to reflect your note.

Anonymous said...

Looks like natural selection at work to me. Although I believe St. Guillen wasn't obsessed with dark men, just stupid.

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Thanks so much for your help!