Sunday, July 01, 2018

Who is NBC News’ Worst-Ever Anchorman?

[Re: “What Might MSNBC's Brian Williams Say Next? (Graphic).”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, July 1, 2018 at 11:48:00 AM EDT

If it weren't for a Lesta Holt, Williams would be "The Worst Anchorman in NBC's history."

Commie of the Week: Jennifer Rubin

I had never heard of her until today, but Washington Post columnist/reporter/phony Rubin appeared during the two minutes I turned on MSNBC's AmJOY bitchfest around 11:15 a.m. You don't need to watch much more than two minutes, to get the gist of what they complain about, 24/7.

Reid's question was, "There's hysteria over Democrats reacting strongly to Trump's policies, what do you think?

Rubin, who claims to be a conservative, said, "Reporters need to be pro-active, and walk out of Sarah Sanders’ press conferences when she gives her daily spiel of answers. Democrats need to continue mass marches against this administration's cruel policies."

(This is a conservative?)

I looked up some of her recent pieces, and it appears she likes to discard facts that don't support her beliefs. On June 30th,she claimed "President Trump was fomenting violence against the press," and "the shooting at the Annapolis newsroom was Trump's fault."

This, despite evidence that the shooter had a feud with the newspaper for years.

How can anyone take her seriously, after she sticks to her statement?

In another opinion piece, Rubin suggests, "Taking a million people to Maine and Alaska, and surrounding L.L. Bean and Alaskan Cruises respectively, until they get Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to agree to vote against a Trump SCOTUS nominee.

I said for months, we (whites) need to get a million whites to go after the media companies, so her methods of protest I agree with. But she's a disingenuous communist, and my "Commie of the Week."

[N.S.: Jennifer Rubin is a counterfeit conservative. Her whole shtick is in playing a conservative, so that racial socialists can publish her and put her on the air to attack the Republican Party. Her tag line should be, “I’m not a conservative, but I play one on TV.”

See also, Brooks, David.]

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Brooks and Rubin both the same in a particular way. The pattern. Nicholas will understand.