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Meet James Baldwin’s Favorite Black Supremacist Serial Killers!


Left to right: then-liberal Charlton Heston, Communist and black supremacist Harry Belafonte (here and here), NOI-fan James Baldwin and political opportunist and general dirtbag, Marlon Brando at A. Philip Randolph's March on Washington, starring Martin Luther King Jr., on August 28, 1963

By Nicholas Stix

The Nation of Islam’s “Blood Brothers’” Gang’s 1963-1964 Serial Killings of Whites in Harlem (Alan Stang)

My wonderful reader-researchers, Grand Rapids Anonymous and Jerry PDX, have been sending me material on and by tenured black supremacist “Professor” Ricky L. Jones, who holds up James Baldwin (1924-1987) as some sort of holy figure in matters of race.

It just so happens that I have studied and written on Baldwin on and off for a number of years. I am providing the backstory, one piece at a time, to Jones’ and other racists’ Baldwin-worship.

A generation before I began writing on genocidal black supremacism, Alan Stang was doing the same. Unfortunately, he was one of the men that got away—indispensable men, based on their knowledge, much of which died with them. Fortunately, however, Stang wrote a book containing a treasure trove, albeit a tiny fraction of his knowledge of genocidal black supremacism, the so-called civil rights movement, and Communism’s support of both.

One sees that even the method of blaming whites for all blacks acts of evil, and even the phraseology, are over 50 years old.

[From the James Baldwin File:

“James Baldwin: Segregationist, Racist, Moron”;

“To Dispatcher: “Race Hoax in Progress at [Redacted] Ware Street”;

“Ebonics: The Language of Hate”;

“Q: Would ebonics programs in public schools be a good idea? Opposing views”;

“Ebonics and the Betrayal of Black Children”; and

“Ebonics: Bridge to Illiteracy”.

The longest black English report, “Ebonics: Bridge to Illiteracy,” contains virtually all of the points of the shorter ones.]

It's Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights
By Alan Stang
Chapter Five: The Blood Brothers
Re-posted and annotated by Nicholas Stix
June 8, 2012
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored
With new corrections and notes
July 5, 2018, 4 a.m.

In my last item, I wrote:

Blacks had begun training black kids to racially target whites, and between October, 1963 and April, 1964, four times black teenagers walked up to whites in Harlem, three times on the street and once in a store, and casually, premeditatedly, stabbed them to death.

Well, here you go. In the following chapter from the brilliant, late Alan Stang’s 1965 work, It's Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights, he exposes the Blood Brothers gang’s 1963-1964, racially motivated serial killings of whites in Harlem.

According to Stang, the Blood Brothers were a division of the murder cult, the Nation of Islam, and black nationalists were in cahoots with Communists.

The chapter is brilliant, but confusing. In one paragraph, Stang is in Harlem, in the next he’s in Africa, and in the third, he’s back in Harlem, all without any transitions. What he’s doing, is drawing parallels between the racist, so-called “liberation” movements in the Third World, Canada, and here.

Another thing he does is to write sarcastically, “and of course, there's the atmosphere of hate.”

What this means is that then, just as now, the Communists would rationalize any and all black-on-white violence as being the fault of white “racism.” So, this playbook is not new.

Stang’s work was scanned with a great many errors. I corrected as many of them as I could identify. He added a few clarifying notes in brackets, and I added a bunch more.

* * *

It's Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights
By Alan Stang
Chapter Five: The Blood Brothers

So far, this has taken the form of massive peaceful political agitation, but already there is in existence among young people the conviction that only violence will bring about the satisfaction of French Canadian national rights. Already young people are in prison as a result of activity flowing from this conviction.(1)

On October 21, 1963, Jules Bulgach, a seventy-one-year-old white fruit peddler, was stabbed to death on a Harlem street by a gang of boys.(2)

And rational men were aware at once that the act had something or other to do with "rightwing extremism."

You've heard of the "atmosphere of hate." What doubtless happened was that the atmosphere of hate worked its way into the physiology of these unfortunate lads, where it probably activated the evil present in us all, with the inevitable result that they just had to go out and stab somebody.

On March 23, 1964, David L. Watts, twenty-nine, a white man who had come from Idaho seven years before to live as a missionary in Harlem, was murdered. He was stabbed repeatedly in the chest and stomach. No one knew why.(3)

[N.S.: In early 1970s California, police took to describing serial racial murders of whites by blacks (who turned out, early on, to be members of the Nation of Islam, and later on to be NOI imitators), as “motiveless murders.” Cops now call such murders “random,” “robberies gone wrong,” and “a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”]

On April 11, Efleen Johnson, twenty-eight, a white department of welfare social worker, was stabbed to death on a Harlem street as she walked with a Negro co-worker. As usual, no one knew why.(4)

On April 29 just before 5:00 p.m., Mrs. Magit Sugar, fifty, a Hungarian refugee, was stabbed to death by one of a gang of boys in her second-hand clothing store on West 125th Street. When she told one of the boys that she had no suit in his size, another drew a knife and stabbed her in the heart.(5)

You can't blame him, of course; no suit in his size, indeed! --and of course, there's the atmosphere of hate.

Soon afterward, however, the criminals were caught, and, on May 6, the Times revealed in a front page story, continued to page thirty, that they were among "about 400" youths who are members of an anti-white Harlem gang.

"Members of the youth gang refer to themselves as 'Blood Brothers.' They have infiltrated many community centers in Harlem by obtaining positions on committees."

The purpose of the gang is said to be "to oppose the police if trouble should develop in Harlem .... Some members of the gang are used as drug pushers and numbers runners. Others are taught to steal."

The Blood Brothers appear to be distinguished from other youth gangs [we read in the Times of May 29, page thirteen] chiefly by their intensive training in karate and judo fighting techniques. According to members, they are organized into divisions, each division consisting of a junior and senior league. Communication among divisions is maintained by a system of runners

. . . A gang leader told this reporter that there were now 200 trained Blood Brothers, and that each trainee was obligated to train at least 10 juniors."

In fact, according to one of what the Times describes as "youngsters," there is already in existence "an offshoot of the Brotherhood known as the Black Mollyzuls," a league of young gentlemen who "believe in violence and killing white."

"The Blood Brothers is two organizations," we learn. "One believes in killing and murdering and one believes in helping and fighting back--if they be hit first, of course."

What do you make of it?

Well, of course, if you have ever conducted a war of national liberation you'll already know.

You see, you can't simply appear in a country with your two hundred goons and say, "Look, I'm a criminal degenerate who enjoys killing and I'm going to capture your country." You'd be laughed off the lot.

In fact, the whole point to the war of national liberation is to create the impression that it isn't what it actually is in fact-a play for power by two hundred goons--but that it is a "mass movement" of a "heroic people," "united as one," etcetera and

so on, and that it has something to do with self-determination.

Now, how would you do that?

Well of course, if the country you were after is the United States, the first thing you'd do is kill some white men. That would probably provoke some white men to retaliate against Negroes, which would probably provoke some Negroes to retaliate.

But that's still no good. Because all you'd still have, wouldn't you, is a couple of incidents. You wouldn't have a "mass of people marching as one."

Your problem is that since most black men like most white men and most red men, and most other men--are decent people, they won't have anything to do with you once you tell them what the war of national liberation is actually about. Your problem is simply that because the overwhelming majority of people everywhere----of any race, region or religion are decent, they derive no pleasure from committing murders.

So your first step is to recruit some Negro goons to kill some white men.

And your next step---once they have gone too far to get out--is to have your Negro goons kill some Negroes.

Because the most important part of the war of national liberation isn't to fight the "exploiters" doing the "suppressing." That is important, yes. But the most important part is to terrorize the people you are supposed to be liberating--and so force them to join you.

"Most Simbas are former Congolese Army Soldiers who deserted or were captured and then persuaded to loin, some under the threat of death." 6

And for this you need a band of goons.

George Washington didn't need a band of goons because he wasn't a criminal degenerate. What he was fighting was a real war of national liberation, so he didn't have to force anybody to join him.

But the Communists do.

So their war of national liberation always begins with the killing of some "colonialists": Belgians in the Congo, English-speaking Canadians in Quebec, Frenchmen in Algeria--and white men in New York.

"In connection with the propaganda carried on in this direction it was apparent particularly in the months of February and March of last year [1925 in Indonesia] that the Communists were planning to create disturbances by means of strikes, arson and murders carried out by organized bands o[ criminals.'' 7

It always continues when enough reliable killers are outside the law--with the killing, not only of hundreds of colonialists, but also of thousands of "toilers": Congolese in the Congo, French in Quebec, Moslems in Algeria--and Negroes in New York.

"In the countryside, the Viet Cong, who had been careful to avoid harming the peasantry, have begun mining roads and paths used by farmers. In recent weeks, jam-packed intercity buses have been blown off roads and tiny three-wheeled motor-scooter buses have virtually vanished in landmine explosions. The unreal, carnival mood along Tu Do is a long step removed from the horror endured by the ordinary people o! Vietnam." 8

And it always ends with a State Department announcement that the victorious rebels seem to be Communists after all.

It is happening in every country that the Communists are trying to capture. It is happening in Quebec. It is happening in Caracas. It is happening in Angola, the Congo, Malaysia and Vietnam.

What happened in Algeria, as you will recall, was that the FLN rebels told the people that the revolt was really about the Koran. They said that it was a revolt of the Moslems, the true believers, against the infidels who happened to be French.

Then of course the FLN cut the throats of any Moslems who disagreed.

"With the murder of the adat head in Kamang there came to light the existence of a Communist conspiracy in which native heads were involved and which aimed at overthrowing the authorities by means of actual rebellion and by murdering opponents of the rebellion." 9

Let us turn to the trouble in New York.

8/28/59: Mr. Cherif Benhabyles is assassinated in Vichy by the FLN.

5/10/64: Druggist Archie Galanter is found shot to death on the floor of a phone booth in his Brooklyn store. According to the New York Times, "The police of the 66th precinct reported that there was $291 in cash boxes. They also said that the pharmacist's narcotics stock was intact. . ."10

7/31/60: On a beach near Tipaza, FLN terrorists machinegun bathers. The eleven dead include two women.

6/13/64: The body of Mrs. Sallye Mae Hart, forty-eight, of 1964 East 24th Street, Brooklyn, is found in an empty parking lot at 2920 West 21st Street, two blocks west of the Steeplechase amusement area in Coney Island. "The police said that she had been struck on the skull several hours earlier by a heavy object, probably a rock." 11

3/1/61: In Oran, Algeria, two women are burnt alive tn their car.

7/5/64: Regina Marshall, sixteen, is stabbed to death as she enters the hall of her Brooklyn apartment house. According to the New York Times, "The police reported that the girl's clothing had not been disarranged and that nothing had been taken from her handbag."12

There's no point in taking narcotics or stealing cash if you are a rebel, for two reasons: First, your motive is simply to kill for the pleasure and reward of killing, and second, it shows your contempt for the victim.

But of course, if you're very clever and can show your contempt by taking the cash--then you take it.

"Twenty-six persons were killed yesterday when Communist guerrillas blew up a bus near Tavoy, 300 miles southwest of Rangoon.

"After the explosion the guerrillas stripped the victims of all valuables and cut off the ears of dead women to remove their earrings." 13

You will recall that Professor Lincoln describes the "entire'' Black Muslim movement as "a kind of reserve fighting corps--a potential phalanx of Black Men ready to wage open war against the entire white community in case of white provocation." 14

And so the question naturally arises: Have the Black Muslims anything to do with the gang called the Blood Brothers?

Well, Mr. Muhammad says on May 7, 1964, according to the New York Times, that he has no knowledge of the Blood Brothers and that his followers are devoted to peace. All they want is to be given land they can call their own so they can set up their own nation.15

11/3/54: The Voice of the Arabs, 7:00 p.m.: "The heart of every Algerian is filled with hatred toward the French who have deprived them of their liberty and flouted their honour.

"Every Algerian is resolved to sacrifice his blood and his life to raise the flag of his country over the bodies of the French."

According to page 27 of the Times for May 7, Black Muslims and black nationalists refer to white Harlem businessmen as "colonialists."

9/6/56: Radio Damascus: "O colonialists and imperialists! Go back to your country before you are carried there, covered with wounds stained with blood on stretchers."

And on May 1 [N.S.: presumably 1964], the New York Post on page 3 says the police have been told that factions of the Black Muslim movement--"dissident" factions, whatever they are--are urging teenagers to "hit" white people and to "drive them out of Harlem." [The campaign was very successful.]

In fact a detective says of the suspects in the murder of Mrs. Sugar, "that it was the knowledge of the youths' link with the Muslims that had led to their speedy arrests."

The detective said that "while the three youths had denied being members of the Black Muslims, a police informant has definitely identified them as belonging to the Muslim group." l6

And on May 6, the Times revealed that according to an informant, "rebel" Black Muslims are "indoctrinating" the Blood Brothers. The story goes that these Black Muslims "left the parent Black Muslim group when Malcolm X did, but that they later left Malcolm because they considered him too mild in his denunciation of whites.

"Most of the rebel Muslims, the researcher said, belonged to the Fruit of Islam, the security arm of the Black Muslim organization, whose members are trained in karate and judo fighting techniques."

As part of their tactic of respectability [writes Professor Lincoln] the Muslim leaders present the FOI as an ordinary physical training program, like those of "the YMCA, CYO, Masons or Boy Scouts."' . . . Unlike most Boy Scout troops, however, they also receive training in judo, military drill and the use of knives and blackjacks. There is no evidence that the FOI sections still receive small-arms training--as [sociologist Erdmann D.] Beynon reported in 1937 [1938]---or that the FOI high command is gathering an armory for emergency use.

Such activities are not unlikely, however, for the FOI looks forward to playing an heroic role in the impending "Battle of Armageddon."

[It is] probably the most powerful single organization within the Movement. It now has a "section" in every temple, and its local officers report not to the minister but to the Supreme Captain of the FOI, Raymond Sharrieff ....

This virtually autonomous body is an elite group, carefully chosen, rigorously trained ....

It is entrusted with top security assignments and remains on constant alert. Most ominous of all, it shrouds its activities in nearly absolute secrecy--a tactic that has aroused the deepest suspicions of observers as experienced and sophisticated as the FBI.

... The FOI no longer dedicates itself solely to guarding the Black Nation against "trouble with the unbelievers, especially with the police? It now acts also as a police force and judiciary--or, more exactly, a constabulary and courtmartial--to root out and punish any hint of heterodoxy or any slackening of obedience among the Muslims themselves .... (italics added)

Lincoln describes an FOI trial:

The defendant is not allowed to offer any defense; the charges against him are read, and the verdict is thereupon pronounced ....

This verdict is final; there is no appeal. 17

. . . Some police authorities suggest that Sharrieff... through a hand-picked corps of lieutenants, effectively silences any defectors from the Movement who may wish to cooperate with the police in exposing its secret ....

is in fact, in a Muslim training manual we read as follows:

. . . A Committee of three must be formed by the minister or captain to report of any undesirable conditions going on by moslems in their homes. All traitors, who betray their sisters or brothers be murdered without mercy?

And that's not all. The FOI could easily begin to regulate the lives not only of black men who belong, but of black men who don't--of all black men. Indeed, "the FOI might easily degenerate into a strong-arm elite keeping a restive people in line. . ." 20

. . . The distinguishing feature of both the Black Muslims and the F.L.Q. [Quebec Liberation Front] is that each aspires to bully its way into power over an important minority [writes C. L. Sulzberger].

. . . The F.L.Q. has . . begun a program of limited terrorism. Its primitive bombs have already caused casualties, and it has prepared what purport to be lists of intended assassinations of personages opposing secession of French Canada.21

Muhammad speaks of Negro professionals who won't cooperate because of "advantages." They go to the police and FBI and accuse Muhammad of "trying to overthrow the government or even with causing trouble.

"... This is the enemy; but Elijah Muhammad is laid as a stumbling stone. That stone that has been rejected by the builders. And whosoever falls on that stone will be broken to pieces and whosoever the stone falls upon will be ground into powder." 22

". . . Some police authorities suggest," writes Lincoln, "that Sharrieff... collects tithes from delinquent members .... 23

"Once a month, right after the roll call at the workers' meeting [we read of the complete Communist control over some parts of Colombia] comes the payment of contributions to the Communist war chest. One peso is the minimum expected of all; more is paid, up to 20 pesos, according to the individual's means and income. Once a year a special tax is levied to meet the quota assigned by the party to each region of Colombia. . ." 24

In fact, Lincoln [sociologist of black religion, Eric Lincoln, the author of The Black Muslims in America] tells us, members are urged to hold steady jobs, and gambling, smoking, drinking, installment buying and luxuries are barred, the main purpose of which is to leave money for the movement, to which members must give a fixed percentage of their incomes each year. In 1952, aside from contributions for various funds, the percentage was set at one third of all earnings.25

You will recall that some Muslims have practiced their new faith while in prison:

Many Muslims have come into the movement from various levels of extralegal activity. Some are ex-convicts--or even convicts, for at least three temples are behind prison walls. Some have come into the Movement as dope addicts and alcoholics, or from careers as pimps and prostitutes, pool sharks and gamblers. But all who remain in the Movement are rehabilitated and put to work .... 36

"... in which connection the PK1 [Indonesian Communist Party] proposed to search the kampungs for criminals (pendjahat) who would then assume the leadership over fellow-criminals." 27

Indeed, we read in Saga magazine: "... 'This may come as a shock to your white readers,' Malcolm X says, 'but today we've got Muslim ministers working inside every prison in the country.' What he says is true. . ." 28

In fact, Malcolm himself was "converted" in 1947, by one of his brothers, while a guest of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the maximum-security prison at Concord, where he had been detained by Massachusetts authorities after a conviction for armed robbery.29

And this, as you will recall, was exactly why the Algerian police happened to lock up Ahmed Ben Bella, at about the time that the Communist FLN uprising was getting underway.

As for the white man, that's no problem:

. . . All Moslems will murder the devil because they know he is a snake and also if he be allowed to live, he would sting someone else. Each Moslem is required to bring four devils and by bringing and presenting four at one time his reward is a button to wear on the lapel of his coat, also a free transportation to the Holy City Mecca to see brother Mohammad. [Beynon on the rules of the early Black Muslims/Nation of Islam in Detroit, early 1930s.]

Compare this with one of the oaths of the Mau Mau, the band of criminals, founded and led by Jomo Kenyatta, that terrorized black and white Africans alike in Kenya in the mid-1950's. Some of the purposes of the organization, we read, are:

(a) To burn European crops, and to kill European owned cattle.
(b) To steal firearms.
(c) If ordered to kill, to kill, no matter who is to be the victim, even one's father or brother.
(d) When killing, to cut off heads, extract the eyeballs and drink the liquid from them.
(e) Particularly to kill Europeans.31

And you will recall that according to Dodd-Fard [Wallace Dodd Ford, the founder of the NOI], the "blue-eyed devil" is "the white man."

"Furthermore there is the so-called Reichscheka as a section of this military organization at the disposal of the party --which 'Cheka' was straightforwardly labelled an 'organization for murder' in connection with what came to light at the Leipzig trials in February, 1925." 32

In a so-called war of national liberation, among the first things needed are a test and a reward for the new recruits.

12/1/59: Mr. Krim Belcacem, vice-president and minister of war in the provisional government of the Algerian republic, writes in "Views and Opinions," published by the "Review of International Affairs" in Belgrade, of the young volunteers in the FLN: "Another test of their aptitude and preparedness is assassination: a new recruit, before qualifying to serve with the Army must murder at least a colonialist or a known traitor."

5/10/64: The [Blood Brothers] gang members, says the New York Times on page sixty-one, "are seeking to win recognition from Malcolm X and other rebel Black Muslim leaders and the right to use the letter 'X' instead of their surnames.

"The police said that the gang members become eligible to use the letter 'X' when they seriously maim or kill a white person."

The next thing needed is discipline.

"(a) If I am sent to bring in the head of an enemy or European, and I fail to do so, may this [Mau Mau] oath kill me.

"(b) If I fail to steal anything from a European, may this oath kill me.

"(c) If I know of any enemy to our organization, and fail to report it to my leader, may this oath kill me.

"(d) If I am ever sent by my leader to do something big for the House of Kikuyu, and I refuse, may this oath kill me.

"(e) If I refuse to help in driving the Europeans from this country, may this oath kill me.

"(f) If 1 worship any leader but Jomo Kenyatta, may this oath kill me." 33

7/10/64: The New York [Daily] News on page three reports the arrest of two men believed to be Malcolm X's followers, and the capture of a small notebook. The notebook contains a list of penalties:

Anyone who betrays the organization penalty death.

No. Two. Notice must be given 12 hours except for an emergency meeting.

No. Three, lateness. First time five lashes. Second time 10 lashes. Third time serious beating.

No. Four, absence. First time beating, Third time death.

But the most important thing needed is something to complain about.

6/20/59: In documents seized on FLN leaders captured recently, we find the following orders: "In all circumstances, the Algerian Patriot (when tried by Court) will never hesitate to accuse the police of torture and brutalities; this greatly influences the judges, particularly with the application of the new code."

5/29/64: A Blood Brothers leader tells us, according to the Times, page 13, that "the main reason the gang started was to protect ourselves in a group against police brutality."

Police brutality is a terrible problem. It is a well known fact that the reason most men join the police is to give vent to their sadistic natures. Everybody knows that.

In fact, as everybody knows, police brutality is an absolutely imperative part of the war of national liberation. Everyone knows that wherever a war of national liberation breaks out, there suddenly develops police brutality.

7/20/64: New York [Daily] News, page three: "I walked through the streets for four hours and saw the most nauseating demonstration of police malfeasance. It was an orgy of blood, violence and sadism, which was uncalled for," says James Farmer of CORE.

"I say with much sadness that I have not seen anything like this before, even in Alabama or Mississippi."

The solution according to Mr. Farmer and others, is a "civilian police review board," which would begin by deciding which police action was brutal and which wasn't—and would eventually wind up deciding what could be done to protect the people of the City of New York and elsewhere, and what couldn't.

Police Commissioner Michael J. Murphy charged yesterday that his department was being subjected to a "planned pattern of attack" in connection with civil rights disorders.

He said the attack, if successful, would destroy the department's effectiveness and "leave the city open to confusion."

Mr. Murphy declined to identify any organization or individuals directing the attack, but he hinted that details might be given in the future.

Mr. Murphy reported that "during--and before--the opening of the World's Fair, prearranged protests of brutality were heard even before there had been any encounters between the police and demonstrators." 34

Who's behind it, do you think?

[One of the leaders was black supremacist extortionist, kidnapper and murderer, Robert “Sonny Carson, 1935?-2002).]


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posted by Nicholas at 3:49 A.M.


Anonymous said...

The obvious question is,how pervasive and influential are these groups today?
Demetrious Pitts,"was a radicalized Muslim--in the states."
Was it done by NOI?
The groups adapt and change,so it's difficult to know what's going on--unless the FBI comes out with the scoop on it.
Are these groups heavily involved in Chicago,Baltimore and elsewhere?The M.O.definitely looks similar to the tactics from 54 years ago.Black on white murders for hatred's sake and black on black murder for discipline's sake.
Blacks in prison (and released cons)are heavily recruited and joining Muslim organizations.
One more question:We don't see BLM that much anymore--what happened to them?

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The "Bloods" when attacking and killing white selected their victims from those persons least able to defend themselves. Also was the same with the NOI Zebra Killers in San Francisco.

Probably those various murders only the tip of the iceberg too.

Anonymous said...

Baldwin a noted open homosexual at a time when it was even dangerous to be a homosexual. Surprised he was not set upon in Harlem and killed by other negroes. Blacks by and large hate gay men and will attack and kill gay men if they get the chance.

Anonymous said...

NYC cries,"Uncle,"calls out "Mobile Trauma Unit".
(Zerohedge)In its latest push to contain a recent surge in violent crime in the Bronx and other outerboroughs, New York City is spending nearly $2 million to deploy "mobile trauma units" featuring counselors and peacekeepers - or what the city calls "violence interrupters" - to try and calm worried locals and work with local gangs to try and reduce incidences of violence, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The buses will begin making their rounds in January 2019 as they seek to provide "trauma relief" in neighborhoods that are begging for relief of a different kind (namely, from crime). Though we imagine the ex-gang members the buses will deploy as counselors trying to convince street criminals to "do the right thing" and turn straight will be equally as effective as a few more cops on the beat.

But as one councilwoman who pushed for the "mobile trauma units" reminds us, tending to the "emotional well-being" of crime victims and their families is a task for which police are ill-suited. The issue has received far more attention in the wake of the death of Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz, a 15 year old who was dragged out of a bodega by gang members and fatally stabbed with knives and a machete last month after he was mistaken for somebody else.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"members [of the Nation of Islam] are urged to hold steady jobs, and gambling, smoking, drinking, installment buying and luxuries are barred, the main purpose of which is to leave money for the movement, to which members must give a fixed percentage of their incomes each year. "

NOT urged. IS demanded of them. Sell a quota of bean pies [a negro delicacy I guess?] and newspapers per month. And if you don't sell you buy them. Or you are shown the door.

Anonymous said...

No. Two. Notice must be given 12 hours except for an emergency meeting.

No. Three, lateness. First time five lashes. Second time 10 lashes. Third time serious beating.

No. Four, absence. First time beating, Third time death.

The WHITE SLAVE MASTER probably wouldn't have treated them so bad.

Nicholas said...


You make excellent points, especially on how the black supremacists were worse than white slavemasters.

The racial fairy tale of the brutality of white slavemasters was invented by black supremacists like Carter G. Woodson, and further embellished on by white accomplices, in order to gin up racial hatred, and to deflect from black brutality.

As for the NOI, my understanding is that members who failed to meet their quotas of selling the NOI paper would not be shown the door, but would be brutally beaten.