Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Fox News Host Shannon Bream Forced to Bail Out on Live Report from Scotus, in the Face of Maxine Waters World


Shannon Bream

At The Washington Times.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Cue up the violins folks! Turn on the waterworks! All they have to do is invoke the sacred word "children" and you better fall to your knees in blessed supplication or you are an unfeeling fiend. Yes, they have found our's the kids, we must focus in on them because nothing else matters, we must ignore irresponsible stupid parents because it's not the kids fault, never mind if enabling these parents behaviors only makes the problem worse in the long run, you have to lock into those crying children to the exclusion of anything else or you will be excoriated by self righteous sanctimonious diversity fanatics.

Of course we have been barraged with the ludicrous hysteria about "separated families" but they aren't stopping there. Here is an article from the AP news wires receiving national coverage:

Here is the list of contributing "journalists" to this article:

Associated Press journalists Gregory Bull and Manuel Valdes contributed to this report from Kentucky. Also contributing were Kate Brumback in Atlanta; Dylan Lovan in Louisville, Kentucky; John Minchillo in Cincinnati; and Sonia Perez D. in Guatemala City.

See a pattern there? Looks like an unholy alliance between latino activists and (probably) white liberals demonstrating their writing "talent" in this hard hitting piece of investigative journalism. So if I go to some illegal immigrant households and write about irresponsible parents, and their crying brats, moaning about how they are being persecuted for being a bunch of dindus, I get to call myself a "journalist"?

The photographers catches kids crying, purportedly because daddy is not coming home, though I'm pretty sure you can catch a 4 yr. old crying at just about any time of day or night. Nowhere in this article does anybody question the responsibility of people who go to a foreign country illegally and then start cranking out kids at prodigious rates. In the bizarro world of liberal ideology, personal responsibility is a concept that simply does not compute.

Check out the comments, as usual the only real thinking and analysis of this brain dead drivel occurs among the readers, most of whom see it for the manipulative crap it is.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
One more thing I forgot to add in my last message. In regard to the immigration headline: "Fear, Desperation and hunger"! Hunger????

Looking at those latina women, I don't think starvation is a problem they are dealing with. Those plentiful rolls of fat don't come from food deprivation. If anything, they're eating a little too well.

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More (Maxine)Waters World type,sports news
GRA:You know this happens a lot more than what we see--here's one that escaped the team's fixers and went public.He beat her,a kid AND a dog!!!How much jail time will he get from a "racist" judge lol?
--GR Anonymous

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Anonymous said...

The photo of the assaulted GF looks like Nicole Simpson's crime scene photo.