Monday, July 09, 2018

Faceless Dead Man Found

By Reader-Researcher R.C.


Man found dead with face half eaten by his dog

A dead man has been found half eaten by his beloved pet dog – who chewed his master’s face “down to the skull.” Glenn Pattinson, 62, was eaten by his hungry pet, Cujo, after he died at his ho…

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Anonymous said...

Depressing discovery about today's music:
I checked my google headlines today and they dropped some info in my mailbox about black no-talent,Drake that was as ridiculous as it was uninteresting.
(USA TODAY) "Drake breaks Beatles record for most top 10 singles in Billboard Hot 100 list".
I thought Kanye West was unlistenable,but I add Drake as well.USA Today listed the new record as 7 of the top 10 Billboard spots are now occupied by Drake's "songs",breaking the 54 year old Fab Four accomplishment.
Number one is "Nice For What".Number one?I thought,that must be his best song.I'll check that one out first--YouTube here I come.Two seconds in,I hear "motherf***er,"I hear "nigger."Lyrics like,"Lets go to the club,so I can see your ass jump."Two more motherf***ers and a partridge in a pear tree(not the partridge part lol)
Boring music and he doesn't sing a word--it's all rap crap.Do white people listen to this?I tried listening to another two "hits" called,"God's Plan" and "I'm Upset".I won't get too deep into either one,because all these songs are rapped the same--he can't sing a note.Such great lyrics as "Thankful fo the wimmen that I know,I don't split no money with no ho"and "I'm upset,niggers askin'if I'm cool,I'm upset."and "Why do I have to pay child support from 1991."
THIS conquered the Beatles?Now I understand why the country is swirling down the toilet.
---GR Anonymous