Sunday, April 01, 2018

From the Mugshot Hall of Infamy: See This Gorgeous, Young Murderer Smile for the Jail Photographer


Kidnapping, robbery, and murder victim, Charles “Randy” Dutton

Her name is Midiyuana Huber, 22, of Oklahoma City

Midiyuana Huber “pleaded guilty to three counts on August 3 [2012], including first degree murder, first degree robbery and kidnapping for the 2010 murder of Charles 'Randy' Dutton.”

She got only 30 years, with 24-and-a-half to go. No word on whether the mug shot above was taken before or after Midiyuana got her deal.

At Guthrie News Page (Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma).


(L-R) L.C. Butch Baker, Christy Rogers, Midiyuana Huber and Donald Elliott: All four of the killers, from none of whom justice will be exacted. They got only 25-30 years each.



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
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Anonymous said...

What happened to the Lindbergh Act and the death penalty for kidnappers? Come to think of it, what ever happened to the death penalty?

Anonymous said...

Can't add much to what you said Jerry.Right on the mark.
--GR Anonymous