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Video: Appalachian Spring, as Conceived, Choreographed, and Performed by Martha Graham; Music by Aaron Copland: Part 1 of 4

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Thank you, Aaron. Thank you, Martha.

This is Copland’s most famous, celebrated, and greatest work, and the one that won him the 1945 Pulitzer Prize for Music. Graham commissioned him to write the music, as accompaniment to her ballet. Millions of people have heard the music, without ever seeing the ballet.

I had previously seen only an excerpt of a few seconds on TV, and despaired of ever seeing the complete performance. Seeing the opening alone just brought tears to my eyes, even if the sound quality leaves much to be desired.

On solution would be to play this version with the sound off, while playing a recording with better sound quality, if one can synchronize the two.

Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring Part 1/4


Published on Jan 11, 2010

Part 1 of 4

Appalachian Spring
Premiered 1944
Choreographed by Martha Graham
Original Score by Aaron Copland

This part contains the following movements of the piece: 1st movement: Very slowly. Introduction of the characters, one by one, in a suffused light.

2nd movement: Fast. Sudden burst of unison strings in A major arpeggios starts the action. A sentiment both elated and religious gives the keynote to this scene.

3rd movement: Moderate. Duo for the Bride and her Intended scene of tenderness and passion.

Dancers in this film:

The Bride: Martha Graham
The Husbandman: Stuart Hodes
The Revivalist: Bertram Ross
The Pioneer Woman: Matt Turney
The Revivalists' Flock: Yuriko, Helen McGehee, Ethel Winter, Miriam Cole

Film Directed and Photographed by Peter Glushanok, Produced by Nathan Kroll, Presented by WQED Pittsburgh. Filmed in 1959.

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