Sunday, April 15, 2018

More Local Governments in California are Resisting State's Sedition and Nullification, in Violating Trump Administration's Efforts to Enforce Immigration Law

By Reader-Researcher R.C.

"... [P]olitical experts see politics at play as Republicans try to fire up voters in a state where the GOP has grown weak."

Yahoo News.

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Anonymous said...

GRA:Send Jerry Brown and the like to South Carolina's prison for some education about blacks--who went beserk over the weekend:
South Carolina prison riot characterized as “mass casualty” event
The riot, in which seven were killed, is part of a broader epidemic of violence in US prisons.
By German Updated Apr 16, 2018, 3:08pm EDT

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
A South Carolina prison erupted in violence on Sunday night and early Monday morning, turning into what officials described as a “mass casualty” event.

In total, seven inmates were killed and at least 17 were seriously injured, according to the Associated Press. An inmate told the AP that bodies were “literally stacked on top of each other,” claiming that prison guards did little to stop the violence between inmates. Most of the fatal injuries appeared to be a result of stabbing or slashing, although some inmates may have been beaten to death. No prison guards were hurt.

The riot was the worst in a US prison in a quarter century, according to the AP.

Officials said the dispute at Lee Correctional Institution, which holds people convicted of some of the worst crimes in the state, was over money and territory. An inmate told the AP that the fighting appeared to be gang-related.

He also said that many cell lock doors were broken even before the riot, allowing inmates to roam freely and perhaps contributing to the chaos.

“It’s been over two hours, but no COs [corrections officers] have responded to this unit, and no medical personnel have attempted to render any kind of aid,” the inmate wrote to the AP. “The COs never even attempted to render aid, nor quell the disturbance. They just sat in the control bubble, called the issue in, then sat on their collective asses.”

The violence broke out around 7:15 pm on Sunday, spreading to three housing units. Officers failed to contain the violence for hours, with order restored by 2:55 am on Monday, the South Carolina Department of Corrections said in a statement on Facebook.
GRA:Build more prisons.
--GR Anonymous