Saturday, April 14, 2018

Jason Whitlock and Tucker Carlson on How ESPN is Hemorrhaging Republican Viewers (Video)

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Fox News
Published on May 25, 2017
Study reveals how liberal beleaguered sports network has become and why it lost so many Republican viewers in 2016 #Tucker

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Anonymous said...

Do they care enough at ESPN to do something about it?Only if they want to alienate the black stud sports stars(which means they won't).What if blacks had a sports league(like the NBA and the NFL to a lesser extent) and nobody came?
I'd certainly prefer watching a white sports league over what is served to us now--even if the players were not quite as overwhelmingly athletic as the blacks seem to be.How would that be done?There would have to be a morals clause that prohibits
criminal activity with no coverups by the teams--as it appears to be happening now--similar to renting an apartment.If its proven you are dealing drugs,committing crimes--you get evicted.No second chances.That would weed out a large portion from the rosters.
This would apply to blacks coming out of college with criminal histories(hidden or not)as well.
Personally,I'm tired of watching blacks play sports and Dominican Republic types taking over baseball.I wonder if the owners asked the fans their opinion--what they would say.
--GR Anonymous