Monday, April 09, 2018

“Real men don't leave their dates to drown in a locked car”: Internet's Fury over New York Times Opinion Piece Calling Chappaquiddick Film “Character Assassination” and “Tragedy Distortion”


Ted and Joan Kennedy, July 3, 1969

Sun, Apr 8, 2018 10:16 p.m.
By Reader-Researcher R.C.

First look at Ted Kennedy's story in new movie Chappaquiddick

In a NY Times opinion piece about 'Chappaquiddick,' a film released Friday illustrating the aftermath of Sen. Ted Kennedy's car crash, the writer calls the storyline ...


Chappaquiddick: Jason Clarke and Kate Mara


Anonymous said...

Ted was a drunken Irishman that night. Waited eight to ten hours before he reported the accident but that entire time was on the phone talking to consultants and lawyers, those close to him. Nobody ever once asked time if he had called the cops?

phillyguy said...

The drunk womanizer took advantage of every woman he cane in contact with, much like Bill Clinton, he was stoned drunk as he got into the car and attempted to drive,lying through his teeth knowing he would get away with it. Mary jo's parents had to be paid off, no autopsy of her body, no lawsuit on Ted Kennedy. He never felt one bit of remorse because he drank and took advantage of woman the rest of his privileged rotten life.

David In TN said...

The key point was there was no autopsy. The Kennedy people had Mary Jo Kopechne's body off the island as soon as possible. Without an autopsy. An autopsy would have cleared up several issues hanging over this event to the present day.

One, an autopsy would determine whether Mary Jo had drowned or suffocated. The latter would mean she lived for a couple of hours and could have been saved had help been called.

Two, it would tell if she had had sexual relations before death. Legally, it wouldn't be relevant, but it could tell what the purpose of going off alone was.

One of the conspiracy theories still current is "Mary Jo was pregnant and this is why Ted Kennedy murdered her." An autopsy would end this speculation.

Had the Kennedy people thought an autopsy would help Ted, there WOULD have been an autopsy. There wasn't.