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Two Versions of the Late James Horner’s Immortal Soundtrack to Apollo 13 (1995): The Suite (“Soundtrack Fred” Riesberg), and the Full Original Soundtrack (Desmond VCH)


James Horner, R.I.P. (undated)

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James Horner
Born August 14, 1953
Died June 22, 2015
Cause of death: The prop plane Horner was piloting crashed when he flew too low, under the influence of various prescription drugs. Death was instantaneous.

Horner was nominated for ten Academy Awards for scores and songs he’d composed for pictures.

He won two Oscars, both for Titanic (1997):
Best Music, Original Dramatic Score, and
Best Music, Original Song (“My Heart Will Go on,” as sung by Celine Dion).


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Soundtrack Suite (14:43)


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Soundtrack Fred
Published on Mar 3, 2017

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1995). Composed and Conducted by James Horner.

Please note that the rights belong to the owner. Support the publishing company by buying the product, if possible, to get the full listening experience. Enjoy! Get the Soundtrack:

Get the Movie:

Music Awards:

- ASCAP Film and Television Music Award
- Awards Circuit Community Awards (2nd Place)


- Academy Award - Best Original Score
- Chicago Film Critics Association Award


-00:00 = "Main Titles"
-02:22 = "Docking Simulation"
* -03:34 = "Night Before The Launch"
* -04:24 = "The Launch"
-07:48 = "Master Alarm"
-09:32 = "Manual Burn"
-10:02 = "Aquarius Farewell"
* -11:24 = "Re-Entry and Splashdown"

Music Source: MCA Records MCA3P-3432 (main source)

* not (yet) commercially released cues

More Information:

Soundtrack Fred.

Nτινος Σταματιου
1 year ago

"One of the best movie soundtracks ever. Come on Hollywood, you can do s--t like this again, let go of the damn Marvel movies already..."
N.S.: Hollywood can't do soundtracks like this, anymore, because James Horner is dead...
because Aaron Copland is dead...
because Elmer Bernstein is dead...
and because Jerry Goldsmith is dead.

As for the Marvel Comics angle, Apollo 13's heroes were all normal, patriotic, white men, as were almost all of America's heroes. Such heroes are today verboten. Thus, we are left with affirmative action casting for comic book movies, racial hoax movies like Hidden Figures, and er, things like My Love with the Creature from the Black Lagoon, better known as The Shape of Water.


Post-release poster



22,813 views (on Youtube)
Posted by Desmond VCH
Published on May 25, 2015

Apollo 13

Original Soundtracks
Composed by James Horner

0:00 Main Title
2:35 Lunar Dreams
5:20 The Launch
15:30 Docking
17:50 Master Alarm
20:50 Into The L.E.M
25:55 The Darkside of the Moon 31:05
Carbon Dioxide 36:45
Manual Burn 38:35
Four More Amps 41:55
Re-Entry & Splashdown
51:01 End Credit For Apollo

13 OST playlist:


Glaivester said...

You know, James Horner also did the soundtrack to Krull, the movie from which my nom de plume comes (Glaivester after the Glaive weapon in that movie). I think the music elevates a movie that is a little lacking in terms of plot and character.

Anonymous said...

Talent on the decline as the country declines.Coincidence?