Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Meet Sexy Pin-Up Girl, DUI Suspect Kassie Raelyn Rowan!


Rowan’s January, 2017 mug shot (The Smoking Gun mistakenly filed this under “cleavage,” even though Rowan, with all due respect, has no cleavage. However, she does have a lovely bosom. N.S. Stix, certified boobologist.)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

The Smoking Gun, ever desperate for pictures of white master criminals, originally posted this mug shot and the accompanying story.


A free Kassie Raelyn Rowan in the same blouse, but with a dark-haired girlfriend, on New Year’s Day, 2017

Other blogs then searched up Rowan’s Instagram account for more.

I guess no blacks or Hispanics had been arrested for any index crimes (Murder; Forcible, First-Degree Rape; Robbery; Aggravated Assault; Burglary; Larceny; Grand Theft Auto; etc.) that day.


Yes, we have cleavage! A free Kassie Raelyn Rowan in a different, super-charged top, with a blonde girlfriend

(Note that, like the notion of bodily systems, not all such lists agree. I have cited the list form the State of New York. However, I have seen other lists that included kidnapping and arson. Similarly, some lists contain seven offenses, while others contain eight.)


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Her father allows her to dress that way?