Saturday, April 07, 2018

Austin: Yet Another Cop Guilty of Failing at X-Ray Vision and Mindreading! He Killed an “Unarmed” Suspect—Except that He wasn’t Unarmed

By A Texas Reader

'This is tragic' | Suspect unarmed when killed in SWAT hostage incident, police say

Police now say the suspect, 28-year-old Hugo Renee Alvarez, was unarmed when an officer shot and killed him.

N.S.: How can an “unarmed” man fire a gun on police? Hugo Renee Alvarez was armed, and fired on cops, wounding one. Between shooting one cop and being shot to death by another, we are now told that Alvarez had put his gun on the floor. And how the hell were the cops supposed to know that?

What’s next? “Shooting a cop isn’t a death-penalty offense.” And if that isn’t “a death-penalty offense,” what is?

The mopes at KVUE really have a hunger to get cops killed.



Anonymous said...

Here's a (probable)armed Muslim--armed with a vehicle again.
MUENSTER, Germany (FOX NEWS) — Several people were killed and others were injured after a vehicle drove into a crowd of pedestrians Saturday in Muenster, German police have announced.

Replying to @BreakingIEN
#BREAKING: German police say around 30 people injured in Münster incident – Reuters

#Münster: Local German police have asked people to avoid the area where a vehicle was driven into a crowd of people in #Münster, Germany.

Anonymous said...

According to FOXNEWS,the driver killed himself(gun) and police are looking for possible accomplices.20 injured.
Just heard this incredible quote from German police:"We do not yet know if this is a terrorist attack."
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

What is the immigration status of the bad guy?

Anonymous said...

2:34pm Believe it or not time.
Now FOX is saying Der Spiegel is reporting the guy is a 40 ish nutjob German.A homegrown wackzi.If it WAS a Muslim,it's not beyond rational thinking that Merkle and company would try to cover it up or mangle some facts.That's all from me on this one.
--GR Anonymous