Saturday, April 21, 2018

Black Supremacist Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., Who Mocked Gang Rape-Torture Murder Victims Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, Applauds Racist Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson


Two racists: Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, above, and Miami Herald syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., below


By Reader-Researcher R.C.

"A standing ovation for the Starbucks CEO who confronted the truth about racism in America
"Kevin Johnson did the expected after two black men who were waiting for a friend. were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. Then he did something unexpected."

Fisked by Nicholas Stix

Pitts responded to the racially motivated carjacking-kidnapping-gangrape-torture murders of Channon Christian and Christopher News by saying to any whites angered by the atrocity, “Cry me a river.”

In a later column, to add insult to injury, Pitts lied about what he’d said, asserting that he’d only meant that for white supremacists.

Pitts didn’t win a Pulitzer Prize, in spite of being a shameless racist, but as a reward for his racism.

A standing ovation for the Starbucks CEO who confronted the truth about racism in America
By Leonard Pitts Jr.
April 21, 2018 05:28 A.M.
Fresno Bee

Racism is a white problem.

[N.S.: No, it isn’t. It’s a black problem. And a brown problem.]

I know that many white people will instinctively and emphatically resist that observation. They’ll note the self-evident truth that prejudice is confined to no one culture or color. Having known more than a few African-American bigots, homophobes and anti-Semites, I’ll be happy to concede the point.

But racism is more than prejudice. It is, rather, the system by which prejudice is encoded into the laws and customs of a society so that, to take an example not quite at random, two black men can be arrested for waiting quietly on a prospective business associate to arrive for a meeting at Starbucks.

[What a liar. The entire American legal system is geared to benefit blacks at whites’ expense. And those two black men were arrested for trespassing, when they refused to buy anything, while taking up a table. You can't even "wait quietly" in a waiting area at some railroad stations, without buying a ticket.]

People of color have no access to the system that allows that. ["Access"? "System"? "Allows" what? hat on earth is he alking about?!] So, while they must figure out how to live under racism, racism itself is not their problem. The system was built by and for white people; it’s up to them to dismantle it.

That’s a truth white men and women often find difficult to process. [No, it’s a lie.] I’m reminded of something a white, Southern-born colleague wrote in 1995. The late Michael Browning and I were traveling the South doing interviews and visiting historic sites for a series of essays on race.

In Atlanta, we sat down with the Rev. C.T. Vivian, a former aide to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and he mentioned a question he said he asked white people in his racial justice seminars: "Have you ever gotten down on your knees and asked God to forgive you for your racism?"

[“Racial justice seminars”: the name alone tells you that they were race hustles. The whites attending them were surely well-to-do, white Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas.]

The question struck Michael like an uppercut. Here’s what he wrote: “Vivian looks at me. The question is no longer rhetorical, but I do not reply.
Southern irresolution: How, if I am as benevolent as I think I am, can black people see me as such a monster? [Because they’re monsters?] Am I an inert part of some vast, weighty boulder of oppression? Do I injure blacks by breathing, and just being white?”

[If he thought that way, he should have committed suicide.]

Irresolution is a common response. So are defensiveness and denial, rationalization, justification and a kind of puffed-up indignation accessible only to the profoundly entitled and entirely clueless. Think of that look on Sean Hannity’s face when he has to discuss, well, anything having to do with race.

[The “profoundly entitled and entirely clueless”—like Leonard Pitts Jr.]

What you are less likely to encounter when confronted by racism is white people who will own the problem, who will have the guts, humanity and humility required to confront it, assess it and resolve it. So this column is a standing ovation for Starbucks.

[I encounter racism all the time—from blacks, other non-whites, and their and their white accomplices.]

Last week, faced with the public relations disaster noted above, CEO Kevin Johnson did all the expected things. He said what happened was wrong. He issued apologies. He did the whole this-is-not-who-we-are routine.

[Kevin Johnson wasn’t “faced” with a PR disaster, he cause it when he stabbed his own workers in the back, and supported racist, black trespassers and extortionists.]

Then, Johnson did something unexpected, announcing the closure of 8,000 company-owned U.S. stores on the afternoon of May 29 so that his nearly 175,000 employees can undergo training in preventing implicit bias. Given how difficult it can be to get white people to even acknowledge the reality of implicit bias, we ought not breeze past the significance of that.

Starbucks deserves credit for one of the most authentic and creative corporate responses in recent memory. One of the bravest, too, given the likely hit to the company’s coffers the mass closure represents.

And as we are singing praises, let’s spare a stanza or two for the white civilians at Starbucks who saw what was happening, whipped out their cellphones to record it and demanded answers from the cops. Nor should we forget those who showed up and showed out at subsequent protests.

One can only hope other white people are taking note. [Oh, we are, alright.] Other white institutions, too. Meaning coffee shops, yes, but also libraries, churches, supermarkets, gyms and police departments. Ultimately, after all, this is not a Starbucks problem, but an American problem. And until we face it, the next public relations disaster — or tragedy — is always just around the corner.

It would be good to see Americans — particularly white Americans — take ownership of that truth. To its credit, Starbucks just did.

[Leonard Pitts, you can’t handle the truth.]




Anonymous said...

Starbucks has been kissing black ass forever. Nothing new here.

brad morris said...

I actually emailed Pitts in response to this diatribe. His assistant emailed me back and I responded to that

Anonymous said...

Blacks not racist?Wait until they get the political power,THEN watch the racism and white blood flow.Right now,they can't get away with doing what they want to do yet(on a large scale)to whites.When their population numbers get large enough,you can count on whites being systematically killed--a genocide for the ages.
They kill whites in small numbers now--with liberal support.Wait until the next national election.
Former Attorney General Holder is threatening to run for POTUS in 2020.Can anyone fathom what HE would do to this country,if elected?Even if Oprah was the black to get in,Holder would no doubt become a prominent anti-white leader in a Winfrey administration.He would appoint gangs of blacks to begin changing the laws against whites.The Democrats have probably learned from the HRC fiasco,that for all eternity and without exception--only a black will be their nominee.That formula guarantees a 99.9% black vote with huge turnout and a black President for the next 200 years.
Judges will be appointed to release black felons"unjustly"convicted by whitey.Black police chiefs will turn the tables on whites.The hiring of low IQ blacks(even those newly released ex-cons) as policemen will unleash a hatred against the white population that the whites never expected(but should have known)
With whites shouted down by the new black government structure,there will be no mercy from the supposedly "unprejudiced blacks."
It will be black America and black justice--with no whites allowed to live.
As you look in your rearview mirror,these events are coming up fast on your bumper--in a Cadillac in this case.
I've said it before.Whites need to increase their birthrate,build more prisons for blacks and NEVER vote Democratic--for starters.May we(white Americans) have the common sense to avoid that scenario.
--GR Anonymous

chuck said...

Suge Knight and a shotgun couldn't get me into Starbucks to spend a penny with that self loathing, ethnomasochistic, Howard Schultz.

jeigheff said...

Years ago by chance, I got to read what Pitts wrote about the Knoxville Horror; his columns appeared in The Houston Chronicle. If I remember correctly, Pitts was angry about whites who were angry about black criminals. So Pitts somehow decided that Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom weren't worthy of sympathy.

What a guy. No wonder newspapers are in decline.

Anonymous said...

The lying media is the nuclear option for blacks. The media can whip up a firestorm for the most insignificant of reasons. Two blacks in a scam a la Rosa Parks won't leave a restaurant and won't buy anything and this has been turned into a national scandal as if this in just life threatening, earth shaking, and a nation threatening event equal to a nuclear attack. Alice in Wonderland couldn't think up something like this. Who would believe it? Magazines, TV news, talk shows, radio, internet blogs, columnists, unbelievable. Something must be done about the tightly owned and controlled media.
If this had been the murder and rape of a White family by blacks you would never know.

Anonymous said...

Exactly.A massive protest march and/or
boycott against USAToday,NY Times,WAPO etc,NBC,CBS,CNN,ESPN,by cancelling cable.100,000(minimum) white people surrounding NBC headquarters,with picket signs stating our disdain for their politics,would be tremendous--and I believe,an eye opener.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I love how they say racism is only white people but equality belongs to every body. racism is a human characteristic. all humans are racist to a certain degree. to say blacks can't be racist is to admit that blacks can't be human. so much for that milk equality bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Whites were mad about the lack of media coverage [zero] of the murder of the two whites. Pitts thought that was funny and spoke of white outrage in an almost jocular manner.

Anonymous said...

Waiting to do a business deal? What they meant to say is that the two mopes were waiting to do a drug deal.