Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Goodbye, America (in a Photo)

By “W”



N.S.: I recognize that as a New York City subway car from the top section of a window on the left side.

I take the bus and subway into Manhattan as rarely as possible, and yet, for a time (2016 and 2017), 40-50% of my trips involved either an assault on me (and/or my chief of research) by a racist black, or a subway delay, due to a crime in a train or station ahead of mine. (“This train is being held due to a police action up ahead.”)

Communist Mayor Bill de Blah Blah Blah denies that crime or overcrowded trains (due to fewer trains running) has anything to do with the constant delays. He asserts that the he delays are due to lack of repairs, for which taxpayers need to be hit yet again. However, even if he were telling the truth, any revenues gained through a tax increase would just go into general funds, for de Blah Blah Blah to shovel into the pockets of his racist, deadbeat clients, and to use for bribes.

You say you want an example? De Blasio recently started issuing half-fare Metrocards for the buses and subways, for which millions of “low income” (read black, Hispanic, Arab/Moslem, etc.) New Yorkers qualify. And who will pay for them? Whites and Asians, natch.

And a couple of years ago, de Blah Blah Blah announced that the city was building a wildly overpriced, state-of-the-art apartment building that could withstand another Hurricane Sandy, even though the odds are that no such hurricane will hit us for another 120 years, just for colored deadbeats and criminals.

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Gigantesco Cazzo said...

Having actual monkeys ride public transportation would be less troublesome.

Anonymous said...

Any outer-borough New Yorker will certainly be familiar with these 'impromptu' acrobatic displays in the middle of subway cars - usually held during the longest between-stop stretches (such as under the East River).
A crew of these assholes - anywhere from 4-8 - enter a car, scream 'Show Time!', turn on a boombox full blast, and fly through the car, doing double somersaults in the aisles, with feet inches form your face.
The stunts are dangerous as hell, and were fairly common up until about 2 years ago - haven't seen a 'show' in quite a few months on either the E/F - reasons being maybe dramtically-increased crowding on these lines, NYPD interdiction, or movement by these clowns to some other line for a few months.
There were reported instances in the last ~ 2 years of someone objecting to getting kicked - or simply the chaos in front of his face - and being severely beaten for having the temerity to voice his objections.
When one of these spectacles begins in a moving car that is well-packed, it's a very bad scene - no easy escape route.
As soon as I see one of these ape-troupes 'forming-up' or hear 'Show Time' yelled-out, best to either transfer to another car, or exit completely.

Jonathan Centauri said...

Don't worry. When they make trains go 500 mph and have a fat black woman on a sail foam driving it, this problem will solve itself.