Monday, April 23, 2018

Bismarck, Sinclair, and Me: Please Support WEJB/NSU!

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Bismarck, 1871

Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) famously said, “Je weniger die Leute davon wissen, wie Würste und Gesetze gemacht werden, desto besser schlafen sie.”

“The less the people know about the making of sausage and laws, the better they’ll sleep.”

Conversely, Upton Sinclair’s (1878-1968) most famous book, The Jungle, published in 1906, was about the making of sausage in Chicago’s stockyards. Sinclair’s book, while fiction, was supposedly very realistic about the awful conditions under which sausage was made, and led to the passage of the first consumer laws.

Today’s entertainment and news media split the difference, by producing “realistic” propaganda fiction and “fearless,” “courageous,” fake news that is now hagiography, now demonography, depending on whether a work is about one of the media’s friends or enemies.

The majority of mankind, whatever they may say, follow Bismarck in practice. However, there is still a substantial market, at least in what remains of the West, for muckraking. That is my market.

In 1996, I wrote the first national exposé on statistical fraud by the NYPD regarding crime stats, for Chronicles magazine;

In 1997, I published two exposés on Ebonics (here and here), the latter of which, an editor with great expertise called the “most thorough” ever written on the subject. The editor in question later asked me to please never mention his name in connection to my work, as he had changed professions, and didn’t wish to commit career suicide;

In 1998, I published (as “Robert Berman”) what would remain for many years the state-of-the-art whistleblower report on politicized grading in higher ed, for the scholarly journal, Academic Questions;

From 1997-1999, also as “Robert Berman,” I published a series of eight or nine whistleblower reports on the City University of New York system for Chronicles, the weekly standard; the New York Post and Daily News;

In 1998, I also published the first national exposé on New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s fraudulent welfare reform, for Middle American News (not online, as yet);

Well, you get the idea. Since then, I have broken news in countless other investigative reports for Middle American News, VDARE,

American Renaissance
, The Social Contract, and even on my own blog!

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Upton Sinclair, circa 1906

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