Friday, April 20, 2018

When You See Madness and Evil Just about Everywhere in the World Today, even All over America, You are Not Alone; You Have a Home at WEJB/NSU; Help Me Keep the Place Open for Ya’!

When I was a teenager in Long Beach, New York, I lived in a neighborhood that had been turned into a slum, in which madness and violence seemed to travel through the air like communicable diseases.

Now, much of America is like that. And you can’t say anything, because the walls have ears. And if you say something on so-called social media, monsters stand ready to hunt you down and destroy your life, with the help of racist activists and media operatives.

The old Communist East Bloc was like that. As Timothy Garton Ash reported in the late 1980s, people had concepts of “public opinion” and “private opinion.” “Public opinion” consisted of official lies, like today’s MSM (news and entertainment), antiversity, and schools. “Private opinion” consisted of the truth, which could only be uttered behind closed doors, if even then.

Well, call me “Mr. Private Opinion.” I can say those things publicly, because unlike you, I’m unemployable! I was born with a big mouth, and as I once told a 6’3,” 230 lb., Puerto Rican weightlifter-thug wearing a sergeant’s badge and a security guard uniform at CUNY’s Hostos Community College, “The only way you’ll stop me from doing my job, is to kill me.”

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Nicholas Stix

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