Saturday, April 28, 2018

News Updates: While WEJB/NSU was … Indisposed, a Lot of Possible Forced Retirements Started in Motion

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 1:24:00 A.M. EDT

While you were gone...

Cosby Convicted
Brokaw Bashed
Reid Re-evaluates Alibi
Trump Exonerated

To my shock...Bill Cosby was told “the fun is over.” He awaits sentencing in two-three months.

The next day, a former colleague of Tom Brokaw's at NBC News, Linda Vester, leveled charges of “attempted kissing” at the former anchorman. Brokaw, who thought Trump was a sleazeball, admitted to meeting Vester, “But nothing happened. I'm not that type of person.”

Brokaw awaits NBC’s decision on a forced retirement.

The people in charge of checking Joy Reid's computer account, found no hacking, concerning Homogate.

Reid awaits NBC's decision on an early retirement.

President Trump was told by the House Judiciary Committee that he “Was not complicit with the Russians in any way.”

Trump awaits 2020 for the USA's decision of his retirement (or earlier, if impeachment proceedings are started).

Welcome back, N.S.

N.S.: Thank you, GRA. And welcome back to you, too!

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Here is Brokaw accuser Linda Vester's account:
I was watching the news and Cosby's conviction story was segued right after the Brokaw story as if they are somehow comparable. That's how it works in the MeToo bizarro universe, a prolific serial rapist is somehow equivalent to a man putting the moves on a woman, something a man has to do if he wants to be a real man and get laid. Was Brokaw's behavior a little questionable? maybe, but not clearly over the line and after a couple of overtures he took no for an answer and left her alone. Most important, there's nothing she described that he did that wouldn't have been perfectly acceptable if it was a man she was attracted to, which is always the litmus test for legit harassment.
Tom's marital status does put his behavior in the inappropriate zone but that just makes him a cheater, something that any, if not most, of his most self righteous accusers are probably guilty of also.
I don't really feel to sorry for ole' Brokejaw because he's just another talking sock puppet serving his media masters and promoting their PC ideology but to see men's careers destroyed by amoral women simply because they "hit on them" decades ago is ridiculous.