Sunday, April 29, 2018

John Podhoretz, and the Profundity of Debate on Race and America on Twitter

By Nicholas Stix

Full disclosure: During the late 1990s, I freelanced for John Podhoretz at the New York Post, where he was the Editorial Page editor. We even shook hands once. However, he can honestly deny this, seeing as I wrote under a pseudonym (“Robert Berman”), and never told anyone. [How to Make Change Real, New York Post, June 28, 1998] Being “me” would have been professional suicide in my day job. And in those days, before the current Cultural Marxist internet-facilitated Reign of Terror, stuffy editors insisted on writers using their own names.

However, that business with the Post isn’t my John Podhoretz problem.

In 2007, Commentary magazine, a once-brilliant, once-conservative, Jewish periodical, which used to stand for meritocracy, announced that in January, 2009, Podhoretz would take over as editor-in-chief. Podhoretz was hired solely due to his being the son of the magazine’s longtime editor, Norman Podhoretz. Commentary had thus replaced meritocracy with nepotism as the guiding notion of neo-conservatism.

Recently, on March 14, Podhoretz wrote a New York Post column A test for New York; Will pols stand with the rioters? about the three nights rioting following the righteous, fatal March 6 shooting of 16-year-old, black gangbanger Kimani Gray by two cops. (One Egyptian, one Hispanic, since you asked. See my column, “Trayvon Martin was Barack Obama’s Son, and Kiki Gray was Jumaane Williams’ Son, but Why Will No Politician Adopt Bailey O’Neill?”).

Podhoretz argued that politicians should not support the rioters. But he has spent years vilifying people who even mildly criticize black savagery….


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David In TN said...

John Podhoretz writes something worthwhile every 4-5 years. Recently he had a good review of "Chappaquiddick."

As a descendant of the colonials, I'm apparently one of those he hates. And he would fervently deny shaking hands with the proprietor of WEJB/NSU.

Anonymous said...

Keeping our country the way it was intended to be--by its founders(all white men)should be the only goal of its leaders.By bastardizing our borders and allowing people in from non-white areas of the world(and giving them citizenship in large numbers),a crime of treason is not too exaggerated a charge to make.(Yes,black slaves were brought over,but not to be citizens).
Trump must reduce immigration from all countries for THIS country to continue as it was intended,by the Founding Fathers.Allowing other religions and ethnicities to pour in at current numbers,with their obvious intent of changing the United States into THEIR LIKENESSES--through massive population growth--is not "in the best interests of the USA",pure and simple.
That is,unless you want the country to be like California,Chicago,Baltimore and many other pockets of America,which are quickly descending into chaos.
--GR Anonymous