Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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The old, 8 oz. portions of Dannon Yogurt in cardboard containers

Current, 6 oz. containers of La Yogurt

Current, 5.3 oz. container of Dannon

When I left the country to go to West Germany, on July 31, 1980, the standard, cardboard container of Dannon Yogurt—then the king of the industry—was eight ounces.

I believe a container cost 50 cents, but don’t quote me on that.

I used to see secretaries who were dieting, who would subsist on a container of Dannon for lunch. How on earth could they do that? They must have been in foul moods all afternoon.

When I came home on August 26, 1985, Dannon containers held only six ounces. Did the dieting secretaries now eat two Dannons for lunch?

Reducing the size thusly was a backdoor 25% price hike.

Shrinking contents of a food product is part of a two-stage price increase strategy. First, reduce the amount, while keeping the retail price the same; second, a few months later, raise the price.

A few months ago, Dannon reduced the size of its already tiny portions to 5.3 ounces. That’s a backdoor 11.7% price hike.

At WEJB/NSU, we haven’t shrunk the container to six ounces, let alone 5.3 ounces. We still give you the full eight ounces!

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Nicholas Stix

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Anonymous said...

What's going on with the blogsite?

Anonymous said...

I remember those waxed-paper Dannon yogurt containers: an honest, adult-sized full cup, and in an 'eco-friendly' container before anyone really gave a damn about that yet.
Remember their 'coffee' yogurt? Fantastic flavor, no 'non-fat' varieties then either.
They messed with the amount, the container material, the Dannon logo, and the simple, plain flavor varieties - there's no way their sales went up after this.

Nicholas said...


TPTB just restored it, but who knows for how long?