Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Black Supremacist, Cop-Hating (Pardon the Redundancy) Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is Running for Re-Election, so She Got a Makeover; WEJB/NSU Has an Exclusive Before-and-After Photoessay!



By Nicholas Stix


After… oops, wrong subject!

There! See? Now, she doesn’t look insane. It just goes to show that she's desperate to get re-elected.


Anonymous said...

She must be going after the "Whatever whites are left in Baltimore"vote.I don't know how popular she is with blacks OR who she's running against (black or white),but assuming a black will run against her--she'll need whitey to put her over the top--hence the straight hair and not the Afro.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Media evil at work again, the Toronto van attack suspect, Alek Minnassian, is being compared to Elliot Rogers, who, like Minassian, complained bitterly of being a virgin and rejection from women. Sexual frustration and anger toward women appears to be the root or at least a primary motivation behind his rampage.

The media, playing it's usual mind games with race, skipped over more recent mass killer Chris Harper Mercer, a black man who also cited virginity and rejection from women as a source of his anger.

Of course the media carefully crafted the Mercer story to steer attention away from his ethnicity so most Americans thought he was white but the media is subliminally aware of their deception so is practicing what I would describe is a form of willful amnesia by skipping over him and dredging up Elliot Rogers in order to keep mass killers as white looking as possible. It's questionable how white Rogers was since he was 1/2 asian but he still looks a lot whiter than Mercer ever could, even in those retouched, out of focus and ambiguous looking pictures they put in front of us. Plus, putting attention back on the Chris Harper Mercer story might reveal how the media deceived us about his race in the first place.

I spotted a comment in one of the Minassian stories where a reader, undoubtedly a racist negro, said it's another typical example of white men that can't get laid murdering people in order to compensate. I responded by reminding him about Chris Harper Mercer and pointing out that black men (with an FBI stats page link) rape at 3-4 times the level of white men and are most modern serial killers, primarily targeting women for sexual reasons. His response was to call me a racist. As usual, all the racist negro had was name calling.