Thursday, April 19, 2018

“I thought we broke down the Berlin Wall to be free of these things!” Help WEJB/NSU Fight Communism in America!



A member of the Stix household said that yesterday.

When I first visited Communist East Berlin in September 1980, nothing was real. The coffee was entirely artificial. The chocolate bars had 0% cocoa in them. The “Orangensaft” (orange juice) was devoid of orange juice. It looked and tasted like Tang, except that one of the vendors served his up with a layer of mold on the top.

The only somewhat real thing was called “Antonsaft,” in honor of a party convention.

Thank God, I live in the free West!

For a number of years, I’ve noticed that America increasingly resembles the old Communist East Bloc.

Fruit “juice drinks” with almost no real fruit juice (or with 50% water), sold by big-name companies, but for the same price as real juice. Expensive, leather-free “genuine leather” jackets and belts.

About a week ago, I bought a quart of Yoplait “strawberry” yogurt. Except there isn’t a single strawberry in it!

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Nicholas Stix

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David In TN said...

This is sort of on the topic. I used to be a self-described liberal. I left it over a quarter century ago.

A "liberal" thinks himself "morally pure." This self-image is combined with a personal viciousness toward those with whom he professes to disagree.

They bleat about how "compassionate" they are, while in actuality being vicious people.

For example, gloating over someone's death.