Thursday, April 12, 2018

Paul Ryan Quits Congress! Uses “to spend more time with my family” line; What’s Really Going on?

By Nicholas Stix

Expect to soon see him announce that he has been hired as a consultant to some globalist business group, and/or as a news analyst, at a combined salary of millions per year, and with him spending no more time with his family than before.

I do not see this as a loss, though Trump-haters will surely spin it that way.


Anonymous said...

Paul Ryan is either an idiot or a traitor--or maybe BOTH! At least since his days working for Jack Kemp, he has been an immigration advocate. Ryan claims that immigration is important for America. He fails to understand that a majority of every major immigrant group votes for Democrats who would steal our freedom and replace it with socialism. He doesn't care that a constant stream of imported cheap labor prevents wage increases for Americans. He either doesn't understand or doesn't care that Muslim immigration coupled with their high rate of reproduction will eventually result in the immigrant crime wave that is ruining Western Europe.
As for Ryan leaving, GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH--as my mother used to say.

countenance said...

Paul Ryan to leave Congress to spend more time with his K-Street fam.

Did you hear about the polygamist who quit politics in order to spend more time with his families?

Thomas O. Meehan said...

I worked for a county in New Jersey that was so rife with nepotism that local pols would resign to spend less time with their families.

Anonymous said...

Paul Ryan is leaving because he has finished the job the RINO's
wanted him to do. Namely to help pass two atrocious budgets, the first of which was a complete stab in back to Conservatives. The one that funded EVERYTHING the RINO'S were whining about, like abortion and tax dollars for Syrian "refugees", just to name a few. And exposed the RNC leaders for the liars they truly are.

Having successfully help pass another trillion dollar budget, with no funds for Trumps
Wall, I would say he has been very successful for the Globalist elite and they should reward him with a "Gold Cuck".

If Jeff Sessions is doing his job, then this wont be the last we hear from that miserable pompous POS, they call Paul.