Wednesday, April 25, 2018

White Castle Worker Latest to Expose Louisville to Hepatitis A (Third World America)

By “W”

Black/Latino employees? It is most commonly spread by drinking or eating fecal matter. Feds advise washing hands if you are in contact with food. Yech!

At Food Safety News.


J. D. King said...

If someone eats at White Castle - or any other fast-food stand - they deserve disease.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news:Cosby verdict soon
Speaking of distasteful things,Bill Cosby jury announces verdict to be read shortly.Any bets?

Anonymous said...

Guilty on 3 of the charges.FOX reports,"He could be in jail the rest of his life..."(He's 80 btw).
I have to say,I'm surprised.

Anonymous said...

Signs everywhere in the wash rooms of fast food places that tell the employees to wash hands before returning to work. But they are only in English. That must be the problem.

Anonymous said...

Carl Gustin

Why Bill Cosby may not ever spend any time in prison
58m ago

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CNN) — Based on his conviction this week on three assault charges, comedian and TV star Bill Cosby could be sentenced to 30 years in prison.

But legal experts said the 80-year-old certainly will spend less time than that behind bars, and there’s a very real possibility that he may not ever be incarcerated.

Why? Well, it’s mostly to do with his defense team’s plan to appeal the guilty verdict — likely on the grounds that the decision to allow five other accusers to testify in the trial unfairly prejudiced the jury.

Cosby’s attorney, Tom Mesereau, will probably ask the court that his client be given home confinement during the appeal, which could take months or even years, CNN legal analyst Joey Jackson said.

“I think he’ll ask the court and do whatever he needs to, to have his client remain out at liberty until these issues are decided, whether it was appropriate to allow all those accusers to testify, and how prejudicial and unfair would that be,” Jackson said.

The decision on Cosby’s bail is up to Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill, who oversaw the case. His prior rulings suggest he may allow Cosby to remain on home confinement.
--GR Anonymous