Friday, April 20, 2018

After Nationwide Manhunt, Suspected Lookalike Serial Killer “Losing Streak Lois” Riess Captured in South Padre Island, Texas!


Fresh, hot mug shot of Lois Riess

By Nicholas Stix

Someone spotted Riess in a restaurant in South Padre Island, and called it in. Twenty-five minutes later, the authorities had her in cuffs.



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Since she was killing to steal and not for sexual purposes or "no reason" that can be defined, she shouldn't be considered a true serial killer. After all, there are innumerable black "gangsters" that have killed multiple people for purposes of stealing or gang rituals that don't get tagged as serial killers (or mass killers).

Nicholas said...

They get tagged that way by me, Jerry.

The "official" definition of a "serial killer" is as phony as a three-dollar bill. It's circular, in order to target youngish, heterosexual white men, rather than people who repeatedly commit murder.

That phony definition is the work of PC media whores like FBI profiler Robert K. Ressler. And because Ressler institutionalized the MSM's racial and sexual hatred for heterosexual white men, the MSM rewarded him by making him the world's "expert" on serial killer b.s.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Exactly. Also, I think the question needs to be posed to those so called "experts" like Ressler is this: Why is it an accepted fact that a black youth (or full grown man) with "gang ties" can't also be a disaffected sociopathic individual with a homicidal compulsion? In short, a mass or serial killer. Why does being a gangster automatically cancel out the possibility he is the other? I challenge any of them to support that notion.

I would suggest that his choice to join a gang indicates a greater possibility that those tendencies already exist and that gang life is often simply another way of expressing murderous impulses.

However, if they were to truly see those murdering gangsters as what they truly are then the already incredibly high proportion of serial and mass killing blacks would even more overwhelm the rarer incidence of white ones. Our PC media can't have that.

Not all the experts are media whores though. Wayne Geberth, a profiling expert, has exposed the truth here:
You won't see him quoted by any mainstream media writers though.