Saturday, April 21, 2018

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War crime victim Anthony Mele, his wife, Hanna, and their daughter

Ventura County, California Prosecutor Richard Simon said that of the murder on Thursday of white, 35-year-old Anthony Mele in a Ventura restaurant.

News articles all say the murder was “random,” even as they report that black defendant Jamal Jackson, 49, was charged with first-degree murder.

Jackson reportedly just walked into the restaurant and slaughtered Mele, a total stranger.

News articles are now reporting that Jackson had been acting “disruptive” in public for three hours before he allegedly murdered Anthony Mele, but police refused to do anything. Police now claim that they lacked the “resources” to respond.

I don’t believe them. Police all over the country are in radical de-policing mode, where blacks and Hispanics—the perpetrators of the vast majority of violent crime in this county—are concerned. Murderous, racist blacks and their cellphone-brandishing supporters seek to set up white cops, not only to cost them their jobs, their liberty, and their lives. The cops are thus increasingly worthless.

Commenters say that the killer was “mentally ill.” People don’t say that about a white man who murders black strangers. People who play the “crazy card” on behalf of black killers are anti-justice. You can have compassion for the victim, or for the perp, but not for both. This is one area where morality is properly a zero-sum game.

(I read that there’s a fundraising campaign for the victim’s widow and daughter, and was going to link to it, but there is no clear connection between the family and the person who set it up, and as these things are often scams, I will not link to, or even name it.)

The murder was anything but random. Mopes like Jamal Jackson do not walk up to black strangers and slit their throats, but they do it to white strangers all the time.

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Nicholas Stix

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Realist said...

Whites need to wake up

Anonymous said...

Crime committed in the presence of a minor. An aggravated offense and worthy of three times the amount of punishment.