Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Is This England's Toughest Gran? Ex-Thai Boxer, 49, Shoots Machete-Wielding Thug with Her CROSSBOW Nicknamed "Manstopper" after Armed Yobs Burst into Her Home

By Reader-Researcher R.C.

"Grans shoots intruder with crossbow nicknamed 'Manstopper'

"Anji Rhys, 49, shot the intruder at her home in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, after they pinned her son Dillon to the ground."

At The Daily Mail.


Anonymous said...

The right to defend oneself is the most fundamental right--but one which is not recognized in leftist countries like Britain. It is amazing that she wasn't arrested for defending herself as others have been. Note that police did take away her crossbow so she can't use it if the thugs return. She says she has a knife. Now under Britain's idiotic anti-knife program the police may come and steal her knife as well. What she really needs is a high capacity firearm. Note that there were at least 4 attackers--and as most people miss more than they hit--including police--high capacity magazines are a necessity.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
New Starbucks video emerges of another "racist" incident. Black man is denied use of bathroom while a white man was previously given the code without making a purchase.
I looked into this and discovered this incident happened in January so it's being dredged up because of the hoopla around this current incident. Note the manager he argues with is not white. It's actually common that one employee might give out the code to a bathroom to a non paying customer while another might be a stickler about it, usually has nothing to do with race, just individual attitudes.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I caught this on USSA news - Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak, who I never thought of as a particularly deep thinker, reveals himself to be a clever satirist of PC ideology:
With just a few tweets he skewers PC sacred cows in a way that lampoons without crossing that fine line that would offend the delicate sensibilities of snowflake liberals (lord knows we know how easy that is to do), which could easily get him fired from his job. I watch Jeopardy then WOF for the challenge of the puzzles and to see one of my favorite cougars, Vanna White, who still has it despite advancing age, but apparently there is more to Mr. Sajak than his goofy persona on the show suggests so I will watch him now with the respect due to someone who is not just another brain dead Hollywood PC drone.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Bush obit
Barbara Bush,wife of one dimwitted globalist president and mother of another,passed away today at the age of 92.Contrary to MSM news coverage,the Bush's were not a totally devoted couple.Surviving Mrs Bush,besides her husband,sons,inlaws and many relatives,is George's mistress of many years Jennifer Fitzgerald--who Hillary Clinton referenced in 1992 as "a well known person in Washington with connections to George Bush."
She was upset the media would not dig up info on her husband's opponents philandering.
Bush and Fitzgerald met in 1974 and carried on the affair for years--with Fitzgerald referred to as the 2nd Mrs Bush.
There are many stories,referencing the Bush affair,that include comments from people who say "their personal life
is none of our business."
I disagree--especially when a phony image is displayed to the point of regurgitation.George Herbert Walker Bush a family man and saint?One would think so based on MSM reports.Maybe because he was the CIA director and played the globalist game,his secret life was never exposed.That Barbara Bush went along for the ride is similar to MLK's wife,Bill Cosby's wife and Bill Clinton's wife,Hillary(among others)tolerating disrespectful behavior
for most of their marriages.It's not inspiring to me.
Barbara Bush has been described by all,as a great first lady,who lived a great life.
But without self-respect and her refusal
to address the humiliation of a 20 year affair,I would hestitate to raise her up as a role model for women.
But MSM love the globalists.So Saint Barbara it is.
-GR Anonymous