Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Home Depot Shooting Update: Alleged Shoplifter-Car Thief Charged with Shooting Two Cops and Security Guard, One of Whom (Santander) is Dead, and Two of Whom are in Critical Condition: Crystal Almeida, Rogelio Santander, Armando Luis Juarez—Any Common Denominator Here?


Two views of alleged mass shooter and cop-killer Armando Luis Juarez in custody in Dallas. I have so far been unable to find a photo of the late Officer Rogelio Santander.


By A Texas Reader

“Both of the Dallas police officers, Crystal Almeida and Rogelio Santander, are in critical condition after undergoing surgery for their injuries at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas hospital. The Home Depot employee, who was also taken to Presbyterian and”

Dallas Police Officers Remain Critical After Shooting At Home Depot

Two Dallas police officers remain in critical condition after a shooting at a North Dallas Home Depot that also critically injured a store employee.

ATR: Mexican cops, Mexican perp.

Dallas now is a reflection of a decades-long, open border policy.

[N.S. Update: The critically wounded security guard is named Scott Painter. That information was not available at the time that ATR sent in this article.]

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