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The Fourth and Concluding Section of Aaron Copland and Martha Graham’s Appalachian Spring (Video)


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Published on Jan 11, 2010

Part 4/4
Appalachian Spring
Premiered 1944
Choreographed by Martha Graham
Original Score by Aaron Copland

This part contains the following movements of the piece:

11th movement: Fast and manic. The bride worries about her impending life on the frontier. We see her suggesting childbirth and rearing.

12th movement: Slow and calm. The husbandman comes to the bride to console her with his newfound guidance.

13th movement: Dramatic replaying of the theme. The "Simple Gifts" tune is played once again dramatically as all the characters celebrate the coming of the husband and wife to the frontier.

14th movement: Slow and resolute: The characters' recessional. We leave the bride and husbandman to their newfound future.

Dancers in this film: The Bride: Martha Graham The Husbandman: Stuart Hodes The Revivalist: Bertram Ross The Pioneer Woman: Matt Turney The Revivalists' Flock: Yuriko, Helen McGehee, Ethel Winter, Miriam Cole

Film Directed and Photographed by Peter Glushanok, Produced by Nathan Kroll, Presented by WQED Pittsburgh. Filmed in 1959.

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