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“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy”: See This Video, Exposing the Journolist Conspiracy, Whereby Virtually All Local Anchors Across the Country are Clones Reading the Same Lügenpresse Script, Asserting that Alternative Media are Spreading Fake News!

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Some entity is writing these scripts, and sending them out all over the country. Who is it? The DNC? The Poynter Institute? Rolling Stone? Mark Zuckerberg?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Anthony Lopez
Published on Mar 31, 2018
1984 in 2018 They call themselves "Local" news. This is not true. Stop this. Original:

Postscript, 4:58 a.m.

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the recently undeceased 5 days ago
“Historically local news stations produce their coverage independently. A large right wing, Pro-Trump media org called Sinclair Broadcast Group has obtained ownership of a lot of these local news stations and are using them to broadcast these scripts.”

Why would a “right wing, Pro-Trump media org” force its employees to read leftwing, media talking points?

That was a rhetorical question.


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I posted this a few days ago.Lesta Holt went into full counter offensive mode against Sinclair :
"Lesta Holt and NBC,obviously insulted by Sinclair's TV stations recently airing a promo video--putting down "fake news"--aired a juvenile response on tonights Negro Nightly News.
In my area,I saw this promo via WWMT Kalamazoo and was impressed by it.Here's the statement read by the anchors:
"We're concerned about the troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country," the anchors said, reading from the script.

"Unfortunately, some members of the national media are using their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control ‘exactly what people think’ ... This is extremely dangerous to our democracy," the script continued."
GRA:NBC,like a scorned girl,played a nasty 5 minute report,showing each anchorperson from each Sinclair TV station across the country,reading the form letter simultaneously,overlapping each others voices for effect.There were comparisons to "Big Brotherism" and other nonsense as NBC clawed its nails at Sinclair hoping to defend its own pathetic "news"cast by putting down Sinclairs.
If Sinclair can be impartial,I'm all for it,of course.But poor Lesta,why he was almost in other words,it was a bullseye,fired by Sinclair,landing right on NBC's peacock."
--GR Anonymous

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Actors and actresses merely reading a prepared script. NO journalism.

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7pm Fire breaks out on the 50th floor of Trump Tower in NY.Anyone know where Hillary was at the time?Or a few others...

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ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's recent jokes about first lady Melania Trump are apparently offending a lot of viewers.

An online petition launched recently, calling for a boycott of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” has attracted more than 47,000 signatures, toward a goal of 50,000. Organizers say the petition will eventually be sent to “the front door of Disney/ABC Studios” Burbank, Calif.

“We may not get him kicked off the air,” the petition says. “But we can send a message that these attacks on our First Lady will NOT be tolerated!”

Specifically, offended viewers appear to take issue with Kimmel's jokes about the first lady's Slovenian accent. On Monday, he mocked Melania Trump’s reading to children during a White House Easter celebration.

“We may not get him kicked off the air. But we can send a message that these attacks on our First Lady will NOT be tolerated!”

“Dees and dat,” Kimmel joked, of her pronunciation of “this or that.”

Kimmel's targeting of the first lady seems to contradict the network's recent assertions that it has captured the hearts of middle America since launching the rebooted "Roseanne"

In fact, beleaguered ABC President Ben Sherwood trumpeted his programming acumen to the New York Times the day after "Roseanne" scored massive ratings, claiming that ABC executives had a meeting the morning after the election about how they could better reach Middle America.

But Sherwood --- who insiders say is fighting for his job as ABC remains mired in fourth place -- has been a particular champion of Kimmel's over the years. When he was president of ABC News, he reportedly supported the network moving Kimmel's low-rated late night show into the more favorable time slot long occupied by ABC News' "Nightline." Later, as ABC president, Sherwood would personally lobby the Academy for Kimmel to host the Oscars.

"Jimmy elevated the Emmys," Sherwood said at the time.

It's not clear now how Kimmel's attacks of the First Lady or his subsequent, extremely sexually vulgar jokes regarding President Trump, are elevating anything.
GRA:It's not horrible to joke about someone's accent--but liberals can't complain if comics imitate blacks,Mexicans and Muslims either.Our greatest impressionists of the last 60 years would've been forbidden to do some of the best recognized voice impressions(Ahhhnold Schwarzenegger,Charo,Jimmy Carter,Jesse Jackson,Zsa Zsa Gabor to name a few)by outlawing dialect jokes.Funny stuff and not really offensive.The sex jokes ARE over the line,as Kimmell(and Colbert and the rest) has seemingly flipped out over
the subject.Innuendo turns into 10 minute monologues about Trump.(Don't joke about Hillary and Huma eating each other's salads though-THAT'S okay behavior).
Either joke about everything--true freedom of speech--or be like Seinfeld and keep it clean.
--GR Anonymous

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Propagandize much?
The ACTUAL description of tonight's episode of CBS' "60 Minutes" as my cable system described it:
New (TVPG)Cyberattacks launched by Russian operatives against voting systems around the country;A memorial to
the thousands of African-Americans lynched over a 70 year period after the Civil War.
GRA:More Russia and more anti-white garbage--what a surprise.How about "60 Minutes"doing a report on the lynchings going on the last 20 years that blacks have facilitated against whites (including the black thug profiled here today that raped and murdered old white women).
No,Oprah took this story and I listened to the first 30 seconds before turning it off.
"Until we reconcile what happened to blacks 70 years ago,the races will never..."
CLICK went my remote.
CBS is the Colored Broadcast System in spades.
--GR Anonymous