Tuesday, June 13, 2017

AA/AA “Reporter” (a Race and Sex-Baiting Dunce) April Ryan Asserts that President Trump Caused Chaos Among His Own Staffers, When He Allegedly Considered Firing Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller



By Grand Rapids Anonymous and Nicholas Stix
Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 12:25:00 A.M. EDT, updated at 2:28 p.m.

At Raw Story.

The MSM will never stop.

N.S.: Ryan was virtually unknown to the public, until she threw a tantrum just after President Trump’s inauguration. The MSM then used her as a brickbat to beat Trump with.
BizPacReview’s Samantha Chang wrote about Ryan today:
“One of my sources reached out to me right before I went on air, and they said there’s mass hysteria in the West Wing about this,” Ryan bleated.

It’s unclear how credible April Ryan’s sourcing is. But since Democrats have been in “mass hysteria” mode for months, why should today be different from the past 142 days of Trump’s presidency?

Ryan—who has a history of race-baiting—was hired as a CNN contributor in April 2017, just days after making headlines for accusing White House press secretary Sean Spicer of being sexist. Predictably, playing the victim got April plenty of sympathy from her liberal media comrades.
Reporters now realize that clashing with Spicer at his daily press briefings can dramatically raise their profile. In March 2017, Ryan was widely mocked after insisting President Trump lied about being a billionaire because he “only” earned $100 million in 2005.

While it would be normal for the average person to not know the difference between annual income and net worth, Ryan’s display of comical ignorance raised questions about how a White House correspondent could be so clueless and STILL have a job on Capitol Hill.

Others said the race-baiting Ryan will fit right in at CNN—which ironically, is being sued by over 175 black employees for race discrimination. [“‘Mass hysteria in West Wing”… really? CNN’s April Ryan blows up potential Mueller firing,” by Samantha Chang, Biz Pac Review, June 13, 2017.]

Samantha Chang packed her report with supporting tweets and videotapes.

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