Saturday, November 05, 2016

When is Child-Rape “Rape,” and When is It “Sexual Assault”? When is a Three-Year-Old a Girl, and When is She a Toddler? It All Depends on the Story’s Strategic Value Within the Media's War on Whites

By Jerry PDX

Yet another example of the media's war against whites. It stereotypes "white men" as being the child sex abusers and tries to make it seem that black men aren't. It's the worst things you can accuse a person of doing (along with serial killing) and the media is working hard to push the lie that it's "whitey's thing". It's not about the details, it's all about impressions given by headlines and fanning the flames of hysteria. As I was scanning through internet news headlines I spotted this story:

Jose Reyes, a "hispanic" negro, in a stranger-to-stranger crime, allegedly kidnaps and sexually assaults a three-year-old girl, and also records the assault on his phone. Now his headline reads thusly:

"Chicago man guilty of kidnapping, sexually assaulting Mundelein girl"

What? Just a girl? Not a three-year-old girl? Sounds like she could be any age.

Then a couple stories lower I spot this headline, with a white man in the picture:

Campton Hills man faces child rape charges"

The white man is Donald R. Lumbert, who is accused of sexually abusing a girl under 13 years of age. OK, sounds like a real scumbag but why does his headline get the "child rape" headline, while the negro is only accused of sexually assaulting a "girl"? Why isn't “child” in his headline? Because he's black? Yes, that is the reason. I'm not saying every headline follows this patter—you can always find exceptions but those exceptions don't disprove the rule. In general, white men get the sensational stereotyping headlines and negro headlines are carefully written to make them seem less "horrific."

Gotta love the internet, because now you can actually prove this for yourself. Type in "Donald R. Lumbert" in google, and you can see exactly what I've described. Nearly every headline regarding his case blares "child rape" or some variation. The media is screaming this (white) man is a "child" sex abuser.

Now do a search for "Jose Reyes Munderlein" in google. You need to add "Munderlein," because you'll pick up Jose Reyes the baseball player, and his various malfeasances, if you just search the name alone. I only saw one main headline for Reyes that mentioned his victim was three years old, and another, way down the line that passingly mentioned his victim was a toddler. The rest were general headlines about a man arrested for sexual assault, or how he videotaped the assault, et al... Basically the exact reverse of the Lumbert case, in which most headlines make child rape the main theme.

The pattern is clear. The hyperbole about "child rapists" and "pedophilia" is reserved for white men; when they are black, the language tends to be much less incendiary.

It's a pattern, folks. There are those that will deny this is true (blacks and white liberals), but all you have to be is a little aware of what you read, retain information, put the pieces together, and it's obvious as hell. There are also those who will accuse somebody like me of being insensitive by injecting a political agenda on a horrible issue like child sex abuse. Basically that means we have to sit and allow the media to manipulate the public into believing that only white men are child sex abusers and say nothing, because someone’s delicate sensibilities might get ruffled. It's just a sneaky way of shutting you up for challenging institutionalized racism against whites.

Saturday, November 5, 2016 at 11:12:00 A.M. EDT


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Someday, perhaps when I finally retire and actually have some time on my hands, I'd love to actually start gathering these articles I see in the media and collating some statistics re black and white child sex abusers. I'd just count the number of times words like "pedophile" and "child" are used for white perps and the number of times those words are used for black perps. I have no doubt those words would be applied to white suspects vastly more than black ones. Then include the blacks arrested for "sex trafficking of underage girls", who always get referred to as "pimps" and "traffickers", NEVER child sex abusers or pedophiles, no matter how young their victims may be. It would be a lot of work though and frustrating because actual statistics and legitimate data make no impression on racist negroes or white PC ideologues anyways.

Stan d Mute said...


Perhaps a more valuable endeavor might be to develop a comprehensive list of white children abused, raped, tortured, and/or murdered by negroes. The format I'd suggest is just a photo and name/age caption of the child along with the evil perpetrated against them, next to a photo of the negro offender. This would of course be a rather large data set, but the point would be emphasized with a parallel list of negro children abused by whites (assuming any might be found). The contrast of cute white kid versus simian looking savage would deeply effect white parents. The leftists are winning the propaganda war. We must develop compelling propaganda of our own.

Anonymous said...
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