Wednesday, November 09, 2016

New York Magazine’s Answer to “Dewey Defeats Truman”

By Nicholas Stix

New York Magazine’s 2016 election issue


The Chicago Daily Tribune’s 1948 election issue


Anonymous said...

What an extreme pleasure to watch the moroseness on NBC and CBS.My cousin said,"Savannah Guthrie looked like she wanted to vomit."
After he won Florida,which I still can't believe,and proceeded to build up a big lead in Ohio,pull the upset in N.C. and win in Wisconsin(a state he was slaughtered in,by Ted Cruz in the primary),things started to fall into a rhythm.
By chance,I switched to Fox,who came up with the Panhandle comeback--that NBC ignored--of course.Their bias and ignorance stayed with them to the end.
Chuck Todd was so hypermanic at the start of the night,basically calling Florida on a theory that Broward county would carry Clinton.By 11pm,he was hypermanic in his exasperation of what went wrong.Lesta was very quiet,though Guthrie babbled about "maybe Trump will be different when he walks into the Oval Office."
As I type this,Trump is either 244 or 254 and leading in Arizona,Pennsylvania(1%) and Michigan (by 1.8%).
The crowd is waiting at Trumps gathering,for the networks to finalize this thing.
And I just heard that Obama is planning to meet Trump on Thursday--at the White House.
What a sight that will be.
One more thing.Trump earned this his way,he stayed true to his instincts and the people learned to love him--in spite of everything.The blacks stayed home,because they ARE prejudiced against whites and were too lazy to go out and vote for a non negro.
I hope Trump cracks the whip on crime,builds more prisons,builds the wall and more.With a Republican house and Senate,he'll be the man for two years.
What a night to be an American again,Just when you thought it was too late.
--GR Anonymous
(Podesta just came out and said "No concession tonight."Just the opposite of what Clinton said she'd do in the famous debate question that Trump was crucified for.FU Podesta.)

Anonymous said...

Deja vu all over again. Well, if only once every seventy years or so again. That is not so bad.

Anonymous said...

Media bias--post-election.
Watching the usual shows that ripped Donald Trump nonstop.
NEGRO NIGHTLY NEWS:Many digs at white voters,preferring to show hillbillies and farmers as the bulk of the reason for Trump winning.Andrea Mitchell had longlasting camera shots of Dems crying (lol).Hallie Jackson analyzed which Trump policies would actually be attempted.Yes on lower on the wall.
LATE NIGHT w/COLBERT:Checked the first part of his monologue and it was fun (in a sadistic way,of course)to see him in deep despair."I'm fine,except for the constant vomit in my mouth."
SETH MEYERS:"I've been talking about. Donald Trump for 18 months and been wrong every step of the way.All I can say is WHAT THE (bleep)HAPPENED?Hey it worked for Trump."
"My Mexican chihuahua doesn't know if he can stay or not."(I say only if Meyers goes).
They were pissed,no doubt.It showed and it was great.Poor Democrats...maybe some of them will HAVE to work.HA!!!
--GR Anonymous.