Sunday, November 06, 2016

Bush II Stooge, “Ethics Expert” Richard Painter, on CNN, Speaking on Behalf of the American People

By Nicholas Stix

I think this occurred yesterday. Painter was being interviewed by Clinton supporter Poppy Harlow, and was described on screen as “Former White House Chief Ethics Lawyer for George W. Bush,” which was apparently not meant as a joke. “Ethics lawyer”? Really? Apparently, an ethics lawyer is an attorney who is even more sanctimonious and hypocritical than the normal kind.

Painter had gotten an op-ed placed in the New York Times attacking FBI Director James Comey, for telling the American people that he had re-opened the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Painter was ridiculously charging that Comey may have violated the Hatch Act, which forbids a federal official from acting in such a way as could change the outcome of an election. That ship sailed on July 3, when Comey, contra the known facts, cleared Hillary Clinton. But Mr. Ethics Painter had no problem with that.

Painter demanded that Comey “apologize to the country” for showing some spine. (That was before Comey backed down, presumably on the orders of corrupt, racist AG Loretta Lynch, yet again today.)

Here’s the real deal: The treacherous, treasonous George W. Bush has been waging a proxy war on Donald Trump, using his old law stooges. In addition to Painter, who has admitted that he’s voting for Hillary Clinton, after having voted Republican in the primary, Bush has called on his corrupt, affirmative action attorney general, Alberto Gonzalez, and his old deputy attorney general, Larry Thompson.

I admit it. I fell for that affected Texas swagger, and voted for King George II twice. But already early in his first term of office, I was criticizing him for spending like a drunken sailor, and early in his second term, if not sooner, I was condemning him as a terrible president, who was trying to destroy America.

And now, he is seeking to destroy America’s last chance. Never mind that he is destroying the Republican Party. But as my VDARE colleague Steve Sailer hypothesized about 12 years ago, Bush II may well feel no loyalty to the GOP, or to America.

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Anonymous said...

I've always said,Bush/Clinton have teamed up since 1992--when they carved Perot up.Obama's in on it too.In four years,Mooshelle Obama will try to become the first black woman president.I have no doubts of that.