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KSN Activist “Reporter” Throws Her Weight Behind Obama’s Planned, Unconstitutional, Executive Order on Gun Shows

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While it’s possible that the people alleged reporter Shardaa Gray quotes below really exist, and really said what she quoted them as saying, I can guarantee you that there were people who vehemently opposed “Obama’s” unconstitutional plans, but whom she refused to quote, in order to make opposition to “Obama” seem non-existent, and thus futile.


"So...the Sandy Hook gunman bought his guns at gun shows? No. The San Bernardino terrorists bought guns at a gun show? No. The Oregon shooter? That kid that shot up the mall in Omaha? Seems like this solution is looking for a problem."

Gun show enthusiasts brace for possible changes in purchase laws
By Shardaa Gray
January 3, 2016, 4:48 p.m.
Updated: January 3, 2016, 5:18 p.m.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSN) - Gun owners and gun show enthusiasts are bracing for a possible announcement from President Obama soon that he plans to use his executive authority to take action that could change the way guns are purchased in certain circumstances.

KSN attended a gun show in Wichita Sunday to learn more about how Kansans feel about changing how guns can be bought and sold.

One person we spoke with was Sedgwick County District Court Judge Phil Journey who has been a strong gun advocate over the years. Journey explained some aspects of current gun laws.

"If an individual has a firearm and they wish to sell it, they do not have to go through a dealer,” Journey said.

Buying a firearm at or away from a gun show can be a simple process that doesn't require strict background checks.

But, Journey cautions there could be consequences if the buyer is not allowed to have a gun.

"They still have to be sure they're not selling it to a convicted felon or illegal alien or something like that," Journey said.

The so-called gun-show loophole or "private sale loophole" allows some firearms sellers to avoid conducting background checks on potential buyers.

"An individual can sell a firearm either to a private citizen or a felon, as long as those person's [sic] aren't in a disabled class. Like a convicted felon," said Journey.

[Either Judge Journey just contradicted himself on selling guns to felons, or “reporter” Shardaa Gray deliberately misquoted him, to make him look like an imbecile.]

White House officials argue the president's actions will be within his executive authority and in line with tightening background checks.

[But they’re lying. You forgot that part.]

Sources close to the president say he may take action before his January 12th State of the Union speech.

One gun owner KSN talked with at the guns show Sunday is in favor of requiring buyers at gun shows to undergo background checks.

"I like the background check, although I like buying from the private dealers too. It's 6 in 1, half a dozen in the other," said Mike Charbonneau.

He says there are pros and cons to the private-sell loophole. While he didn't have an opinion on President Obama's executive action, another gun owner didn't agree using presidential executive action was the best idea.

"He's going about it the wrong way. Executive actions is not the way to control gun [sic]," said gun owner John Christian.

The White House hasn't said when the president will act but does say the action is an "urgent matter."


Anonymous said...

In the beginning, personal gun sales, unimpeded by government reporting, was absolutely an American birthright.

And then the Cosmopolitans came with their so-called "mandatory background checks" for "the children." Now, your birthright to engage in private sales is now the infamous "gun show loophole." Public radio LOVES using that term, as if the government by was mandated by God to REGISTER[*] your guns. (On EVERY scripted television program on free US television, all "legitimately" owned guns are REGISTERED, LICENSED or has a PERMIT, or its owner the same. Just listen.)

Isn't it amazing how the communists have flipped the sense of what is normal in America?

[*] - Years ago, the Congress passed a bill, signed into law, that prevented BATF from using funds authorized by them for computerizing the Form 4473 gun transfer forms. Yet, that didn't prevent them from from crowing they were doing just that on an ABC program.

Anonymous said...

What percentage of firearm purchases is done through the "loophole" what it called? I think a small percentage. This is smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

What guarantee do you have from a gun show purchase anyhow the weapon will work?