Friday, April 03, 2015

Charles Murray, RIP


Charles Murray

By Nicholas Stix

No, he hasn’t kicked the bucket. It’s worse. He’s morally dead.

Last spring, Charles Murray bragged of his magnum opus, The Bell Curve, which he co-wrote with Richard Herrnstein, “We pulled a lot of punches in that book.” Note that they were brutally attacked as “racists,” anyway. But why would a scholar brag about fudging his results? That’s the sort of thing you’re supposed to be ashamed of, and live in dread of being discovered, like a history of incest. But Murray bragged about it!

I responded to Murray at the time with a mock headline:
Journalist Last Heard Expressing Curiosity About Bell Curve in Newsroom Found Choked to Death; Colleagues Made Him Eat His Words

Then, after years of being ostracized from the New York Times Book Review, Murray wrote a book that was supposed to be his swan song, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 (not to be confused with my work, The State of White America-2007), and took a dive. He beat up on white men, without giving the context of their dispossession via feminism, affirmative action, and mass third-world immigration.

He got his mess of pottage, and all it cost him was his soul.

And now, this:
US National Character Unaffected by Demographics

By 2045, Hispanics, Asians and African Americans are expected to grow from more than a third of the population to a little more than half of the people living in the United States. [I say, by 2025.]

“The degree of cultural diversity that this introduces to this country is rather like the cultural diversity we had in the 19th century, and for that matter in the 18th century at the time of founding,” observed American Enterprise Institute political scientist Charles Murray. In many ways, according to Murray, diversity has been a positive force throughout America history.

“We used to have radically different ways of life among different groups in this country. And the 20th century was something of an anomaly in this regard as we saw an increasingly homogeneous culture with the rise of mass media,” Murray said. “In many ways, I think the America of the 21st century with its increased cultural diversity is going to look familiar to historians of America. And in that respect, it’s as American as apple pie.”

“Americanization” predated the inventions of the radio, TV, and the Internet. The only mass medium in existence at the time was the press.

As phorning commented today at American Renaissance,
How disappointing. Murray not only has to know better, he has to know this isn't going to spare him any of the hate he receives for telling the truth in The Bell Curve. Our popular culture and mass media are disgusting. Why would anyone think they are creating something worth celebrating?


Anonymous said...

As far as I ve seen, diversity is a failed experiment.The integration of races has been a monumentally catastrophic event as violence, crime and poverty follows in diversitys path.
I ve lived for a while...still in my mid 50s and have seen how its all gone wrong.It s obvious that the races were better off separated--apart---segregated.
Why was there a Chinatown? Why were there burroughs with Germans, Dutch, Polish in each one? Because they were comfortable with that kind of life...knew how each other behaved AS A RACE or ethnicity and preferred not to associate with other races for whatever reason.They were smart enough to know that people get along best with people like themselves...who have similar goals and personalities.Blacks behave differently than whites--always have, always will.Because of that, there will be conflict.I see it in my neighborhood.Used to be 100% white and a GREAT neighborhood.Now the blacks and Mexicans have moved in to about a 20-25% rate and growing rapidly.The blight has started in many areas.The weather is getting warmer and shootings have started.This is not something white people want after many good years here so inevitably we must move.The drug dealing, loud music, prostitution on corners I used to walk up and down as a kid is not for me.To me Diverse is Perverse and another nail in Americas coffin.

Nicholas said...

What city do you live in?

Ambrose Kane said...

I was somewhat surprised by Murray's capitulation to the 'comprehensive immigration reform' crowd because he should have known better, but I've sensed for a while now that he's tired of being ostracized by the liberal darlings.

I've benefited from Murray's insights over the years, but I doubt he'll come out in defense of whites and as a stalwart against white dispossession. We must look to others, the kind of men who are not afraid of the dreaded "R" word and who recognize what is happening to us and are willing boldly speak out against it.

Ryu238 said...

Murray was a hack:

He wasn't some great fountain of truth. Neither are you.