Thursday, June 03, 2010

Stacie Huckeba Video: The Human Face of the Nashville Flood

[Postscript, 9/2/12: Tonight, Peter Brimelow just published my VDARE Katrina update, “Revising Katrina for the Age of Obama.”]

what you didnt see! from stacie huckeba on Vimeo.

Photographer and videographer Stacie Huckeba shot and edited this affecting video of her East Nashville neighbors who lost everything, and who had the misfortune of not only being flooded, but being Flooded While White.

Huckeba doesn’t belabor the obvious, but rather lists all of the transparently phony rationalizations given by racists for why Nashville didn’t rate the sort of 24/7, hysterical coverage given to the lesser disaster of Katrina in New Orleans, in 2005.

(While I’m on the subject of Katrina, for those who would like to know the truth about the human disaster that was greater than the natural disaster that hit New Orleans; and of how the MSM, which had initially reported honestly about the savagery of black New Orleanians, had second thoughts and then conspired to engage in reverse reporting, in order to change history after the fact; please read my report:

“Seven at New Orleans Times-Picayune Win Duranty-Blair Award”.)

Please help the good folks of Nashville, by hitting one or more of the links below.

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A tip ‘o the hat to Jake Jacobsen, at Nation of Cowards: Attorney General Mandated Conversations about Race.

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