Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leaving Arizona: Invader Felon Manuela Quintana, Who Has Defrauded the American Taxpayer Out of Millions of Dollars (in Spanish): “A Criminal is

Someone Who Kills; I Just Want to Work”
By Nicholas Stix

As for the claim by CBS News criminal rights advocate Kelly Cobiella on behalf of the Quintanas, “Their 10 children were born here, and are U.S. citizens,” as commenter curatrix2008 argues,

Her 10 children got citizenship as a result of their parents crime. It's fraud. Those citizenships need to be revoked.
We don't let bankrobbers pass the benefits that come from their crimes on to their children to keep. We should not the children of these criminals benefit from their parents crime, either.

Cobiella interviews the Quintanas’ landlord, Kyle Kester, and says “he’s lost seven tenants in the last week.”

Says Kester, “This is hurting not just illegals. I was born and raised in the United States, and it’s hurting me now.”

Kester has been profiting for years by harboring criminals, making him a criminal, as well, yet he expects our sympathy?

This video was posted at Youtube by CivilizedJerk, whose accompanying commentary follows below.

CivilizedJerk — June 21, 2010 — This CBS news story is a totally biased one-sided news report produced to pull on your heart strings without leveling with the viewer about the negative effects of the subjects actions.

Manuela Quintana and he husband are both unemployed.

Don't have babies you can't afford to raise on your own. You are just irresponsible if you do otherwise. It's downright criminal if you have 10.

It costs approx. $10,000/year to educate a child K-12. That's $130,000 per child. In the end her ten kids will cost the American tax payer $1,690,000.

We have no idea how much public assistance she and her unemployed husband are getting for their US citizen born children. As an example, In California the maximum CalWORKs grant for a family of three is $661 per month. The maximum amount of food stamp assistance that a family of three can get is $526 a month. Now with ten children, what would the amount be?

Food stamps? Free lunch programs? Healthcare?

She has been in the US for 15 years and hasn't learned English? She must be too busy birthing babies and raising a small army to deal with such "trivial" stuff.

She is an illegal alien living openly in the USA so openly she can go on national television, profess her illegal immigration status and have no fear of being deported.

She and her family are moving to Colorado. Now they will be picking up the tab for her irresponsible behavior.

I'll give her credit. She knows who to work the system to the max.

Call me heartless, I just don't care. Our "compassion" is drowning us.

All we get from CBS are sob stories and crying children.

What's wrong with this picture? How bout some balance CBS?

Manuela Quintana illegal immigration Arizona 1070 alien immigrants leaving cbs news Colorado moving

I had difficulty in figuring out the name of CBS criminal rights advocate Kelly Cobiella, who sounds like an American, yet who pronounces her name, as if she were in a non-English-speaking country, with the two ells sounded out Spanish-style, like ys. Apparently, she’s Hispanic. What a surprise: A Hispanic reporter who is loyal to foreign invader criminals, and the enemy of law-abiding, American citizens.

CBS News criminal rights advocate Kelly Cobiella

A tip ‘o the hat to my VDARE colleague, Brenda Walker, whose take on the SB 1070 sob story phenomenon, and on some AP boilerplate about other sets of criminal invaders leaving Arizona can be read here.

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Catalina Suarez said...

This is the reason why we needed president DONALD TRUMP as president. This abuse to the taxpayers has to stop. Children born to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS should not be granted citizenship, this abuse has to stop.