Thursday, June 17, 2010

Has Anyone Ever Seen these Two in the Same Room Together?

By Nicholas Stix

Jewish Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl, kidnapped and murdered, via beheading, by Moslems in February, 2002 in Pakistan.

Unitarian and closet philo-Semite, Alex Linder.

*“Unitarian” is what I am calling folks these days who want to kill all the Jews, but who cavil at my calling them “neo-Nazis” or “white supremacists,” which names they consider racially insensitive.


Quartermain said...

Now that you mention it... No I haven't seen them in the same room together.

Yegad... Do you suppose that...

Anonymous said...

What was it that gave Alex Linder away as a philo-semite and Unitarian?

phyllis66 said...

It seems that Linder is to Vanguard what the Jews Breitbart and Solov did to Breitbart News, they both have their publications on the right side of the political agenda as Jews for their controlled opposition movement. They spy on those that are against Jewish powers and that information goes to serious movers and shakers who have the power to eliminate any of those they deem dangerous to the Jewish movement and agenda of world domination. They can't be trusted. Linder has all the appearances of being Jewish and cannot deny that Jewish nose! Of course any questions they are asked about their Jewishness will get a lie for an answer. These creeps will never tell the truth.